“Does the American form of Federalism increase democracy, or does it have a negative impact?”

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“Doesthe American form of Federalism increase democracy, or does it have anegative impact?”


Reflection:“Does the American form of Federalism increase democracy, or doesit have a negative impact?”

TheFederalist form of government, in the United States, allows thenational government and the local government to have authority overthe same region. In my opinion, federalism promotes democracy andfosters positive development projects within the country. I believethat federalism enhances democracy in America in many aspects. Forinstance, the presence of different forms of government providescitizens with endless opportunities and increase participation instate and national leadership. Additionally, federalism allows aclear separation of authority between the two governments[ CITATION For16 l 1033 ].According to my understanding, a state’s liberty to operateindependently within the confines of its government structures is aclear manifestation of democracy. Federalism offers American citizensthe experience of a more individualized and homegrown government thataddresses the concerns of each and everyone.

AFederalist form of government provides Americans with a close feel ofthe state government hence promoting pluralism. I believe Americansenjoy democratic rights by increased participation in matters of thelocal government. For instance, the local government can amendvarious laws in response to demands from the local citizens.Therefore, residents’ opinions are reflected in public policies andregulations. Under federalism, both governments have the power tosolve their individual conflicts[ CITATION For16 l 1033 ].Additionally, it creates an opportunity for the local governments toimplement and experiment various policies, from which the federalgovernment and other states can study. Nevertheless, I also believethat federalism brings about diversity in policies thereforecreating a wide gap in the available resources such as education,health, and infrastructure across states. Moreover, accountabilityand transparency of publicresources get complicated due to the boundary overlap between thestate and national government.


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