Eastern Airlines Flight 401, Everglades, Florida

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EasternAirlines Flight 401, Everglades, Florida


Recipefor success

Basically,crew resource management refers to the efficient use of all theavailable resources by the flight personnel to ensure safety andsmooth airline operations, mitigate errors, stress avoidance anddemoralization amongst the employees(Ford, Henderson &amp O`Hare, 2014).As it has been previously established, Eastern Airlines Flight 401crash into Florida Everglades was contributed by various factors.They include lack of coordination amongst the crew members of thecommercial plane, poor interpersonal relationship and lack ofadaptability,

Notably,the introduction of cockpit voice recorders and (CVRs) and flightdata recorders (FDRs) have indicated that most aircraft relatedaccidents do not arise from its technical malfunction or even lack ofthe necessary skills and knowledge on the part of the crew (Fordet al., 2014).They are primarily caused by the inability of the personnel torespond appropriately to the kind of situations they find themselvesin. Therefore, the concept of crew resource management plays asubstantial role in preventing or mitigating such accidents since itadvocates of self-awareness(Ford et al., 2014).In this case, the airline employees could have been aware of what ishappening within their vicinity. Also, it is essential in enablingthe aircraft crew to have first-hand information on how variousevents and the actions of other staff members will affect the goalsand objectives set by the airline company,

Additionally,Ford et al., (2014)argues that leadership is also another vital CRM tool whose influencewould have controlled or prevented the crash. Loft, the pilot of theplane, was given the responsibility of monitoring all activities inthe cockpit as well as the cabin. Instead, the management should havesubdivided the roles amongst the employees to ensure efficiency andteamwork hence preventing the crash.

Equallyimportant, decision making should be an extensive process(Ford et al., 2014).For the case of Eastern Airlines, the pilot made independentdecisions without consulting other crew members. For instance, hedecided to cancel the landing and flew the plane 2000 feet.Therefore, to prevent such crashes, it is crucial to involve allrelevant personnel so that more effective decisions can be made.

Similarly,adaptability and flexibility are also other essential tools whichcould have been applied to prevent the accident(Ford et al., 2014).That entails the ability of the crew members to act and respondappropriately to different situations to ensure that the risk iseither minimized or eliminated. Therefore, a good crew resourcemanagement should be embraced by the Eastern airlines to ensure itsoperations run smoothly and hence compete favorably with othercarriers such as US Airways Flight 1549 and United Airlines Flight232 (Fordet al., 2014).


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