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Eatingdisorders are diseases that cause uneven eating behaviors and severeanguish and tend to cause concern about the victim’s body weight orshape. The eating disorders may involve excessive or inadequate foodintake that ends up doing harm to the body of the victim. Theclient’s name is Macy. She suffers from a persistent eatingdisorder. The patient’s diagnosis report match with the features ofthe disorder. From the diagnosis report compiled, Macy suffers fromanorexia nervosa. Her diagnosis report indicates extreme emotions,unexplained behavior, and strong attitudes regarding food and weightissues. It is imperative to note that eating disorder causes physicalproblems and emotional challenges, similar to those reflected inMacy’s diagnosis report. The problems when to let to roam freelycause life-threatening results on the life of the victim.

Anorexianervosa is an obsessive fear of adding body weight, and it ends upholding negative perception of the body image. Macy’s condition ison the brink of becoming a life-threatening depression. She fiercelylimits the amount of food she can take. Even though the patient looksand is indeed underweight, her reactions reveal she thinks she isoverweight. Furthermore, Macy fails to appreciate the sternness ofthe condition.

Thereis a need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the client tocome up with an effective recovery plan. The causes of the eatingdisorder resonate with the client’s condition. Trauma and familyrelations, societal pressure, psychological issues such asself-esteem and genetics lead among the causes of the eatingdisorder. However, in the case of the client, she lacks the beliefthat her condition may result in complicated medical conditions andeven death. The reluctance to accept psychological therapy presents ahuge recovery hitch since her acceptance phase is yet to become areality.

Thetreatment goals are self-esteem restoration and offer a detailedeating procedure that will change the perception of food by Macy.Furthermore, the goals of treating a disorder aim at restoring Macy’sappropriate weight eliminate the current psychological challenges,reduce the behaviors and attitudes aligned with the disorder.Therefore, it is imperative that Macy receives a continuing therapythat will give no chance to relapse to the existing conditions.

Theapproach to treatment follows multiple avenues to bring back Macy tonormalcy. The cognitive behavioral therapy treatment supportschanging the unhealthy eating patterns that create the negativebehavior towards food. Nutritional counseling will develop an eatingplan that will maintain a healthy weight. The diet may be medicallysupervised to provide the needed medical guidance on meals.Psychotherapy will help tackle the attitudes and thoughts fuel thedisorder. Depression and anxiety are the leading mental disorders totackle under psychotherapy. A successful psychotherapy treatment willbe pivotal in achieving the full goals of the holistic treatment ofthe eating disorder. Furthermore, Macy requires assisted medicaltreatment. The medical front will help assess the seriousness of herunderweight condition and mitigate the risk posed to her overallhealth. The chronic level of her condition may cause a low bloodpressure anemia, heart damage, and even a possible failure.

Holistictreatment Plan for the client

Iwould recommend, a combination of treatments entailing a groupcounseling or one-on-on among other medications. Many people findalternative treatments as a helpful boost compared to most of theancient therapies that their therapists recommend.

Iwould also suggest yoga since it helps to reduce stress levels andhelps a person to think clearly. This a low impact workout assists aperson to be more ‘in tune’ with their physique.

Lastly,relaxation therapy is crucial for Macy. It improves the personaloutlook of life and results to more positive attitudes to recovery.

In conclusion, the family interventions will play a pivotal role tooversee Macy’s recovery. The family lays out a role in thediscussion on how the anorexia affects them. The treatment plan willguide the family to understand the condition and inform them of thevarious ways they can help in the holistic plan.

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