Effects of Drones

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Effectsof Drones


Theadvancement of the world in all facets depends on technology. It isin the same vein that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles popularly referred toas drones have in the past decade been introduced into the militarytechnology to increase efficiency in military operations and also toimprove security surveillance and environmental monitoring. The dronetechnology has only taken root in some developed countries. Studiesshow that only three countries (US, UK, and Israel) have used thedrones to stage attacks on foreign land. Like any other form oftechnology, the drone technology comes with various effects on theenvironment, health (physical and psychological), and security.

Inthis discussion, I am destined to explore the impact of the dronetechnology on overall human life. I want to determine the severity ofthe effects on the social, cultural, political and economic aspectsof human existence. The technology is indeed affirmed to produceeffects on the aspects I have mentioned thus, the question bellowsas to whether the effects are adverse to avoid further indulgenceinto this technology or the innovation is sustainable.

Itis significant to briefly mention that there has been an upsurge inthe number of deaths and injuries of innocent civilians, and thereare also apprehensions around the psychological damage to peopleliving under the continuous threat of drone attack (Kuo, 2015). Also,there is proof that medical staffs and the other individuals whoreach the scene to offer help to the injured have been the target ofdrone attacks. Sadly, in all this fuss, the women and children aremost affected because the slight influence they have on the dailydecisions made in the home is utterly eroded by the looming strike ofthe drones (Kuo, 2015).

Onthe other hand, however, protagonists to this technology presentarguments in support. Some propound that drone technology isefficient in surveillance, and thus it provides vital informationthat could detect imminent threats on human life. The study indulgesmore to unveil the severity of the effects of drones.


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