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Effects of mistreatment on Emily’s character

During the antebellum period, there lives a family of high statusconsisting of a father and a daughter by the name of Emily(Faulkner, 2014). This response majors on the treatment thatEmily’s father put on her and how itaffected her life in adulthood. Furthermore, there will be theinclusion of a supporting quote.

In her young age, Emily’s father browbeats her and keeps herhidden in low spirits all in a bid to satisfy self-instincts ofcontrolling a person and making her his housekeeper. After he passeson, Emily finds it hard to accept, but sheultimately does after a short period of grief. Because of themistreatment by the father, it is human nature to have painand hatred, probably to an individual who has same features like youroppressor. In this case, Emily found Mr. Homer Barron as a softtarget for vengeance. It is because he was a man like her father andhe had also imposed some conditions on her, like letting Emily’scousins go before returning to her house. This isthe reason she murdered him the night he cameback. After her death, the neighbors found the corpse of Homerin the room.

“The man himself lay in the bed. For a long time, we just stoodthere, looking down at the profound and fleshless grin….”(Faulkner, 2014).

It means that they were glancing at the teeth that had no flesh.Moreover, Emily was leading a life of a recluse after the war becauseher status, as set by her father, was no more. She could not enduremingling with the ordinary people.

Emily’s father was a man of highstandards and pride. These traits make him isolate his daughter fromthe normal world and eventually affect her living. She murders Homerbecause of mental instability and also lives in isolation withbizarre behaviors that surprised the neighbors. Mr. Homer becomes hervictim because she probably associates him with her father’smaleness and mistreatment.


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