Egypt Trip

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Oneof the most memorable and best days of my life was a vacation that Iwent to Egypt and in particular the white desert. The scenery aroundthe area was breathtaking and spectacular. Beautiful rocks which werewhite in color spread across the area making the site unique and arare occurrence of nature. During the trip, some events happened thatwould forever remain stuck in my mind. A mechanical problem on thevehicle we were using almost ruined the experience. An encounter withthe inhabitants of the surrounding area and camping in the area weresome of the encounters that made the vacation memorable.

Wehad arrived at the country together with my family ready to make avisit to the location. The vehicle that we used began making way tothe area. I could not hide my sense of excitement being in a newplace different in all aspects of life from what I was used to. I wasready to begin the vacation and from the research I had done I knewthat I was expecting nothing but a memorable experience. We got avehicle that was to take us to the place. During the journey, I couldsee the vastness of the desert and the climate around the placewasn’t quite friendly. Temperatures were quite high and the areawas very dry.

Wetravelled for quite a while with the help of our tour guide who keptus updated on each and every aspect of the trip. Suddenly, from farwe saw an area and decided to stop in order to learn more. I wassurprised with the culture of the people around the place. Thearchitecture of the houses was quite amazing which came as a surpriseto me. Small houses which even seemed impossible to fit in were theirhomes. The people in addition wore animal skin which shocked me andmade me wonder whether civilization hadn’t reached them. In havinga closer look at inside of one of their home, I found them eating rawanimal meat. The inhabitants were scared of us who made them hide asthey thought we had bad motives or were intruding into theirterritory.

Despitethe shock that I encountered, this opened up my perception ofdifferent people and their culture and the need to be more outgoingin order to learn more. We proceeded with our journey which was onlysome distance ahead to the location. I encountered marvelous scenerythat was breathtaking and learnt more about the history behind thearea and the oddness of it. As time progressed, dusk began creepingin and so we had to travel back to our rooms in preparation fortravelling back home. During the journey, the vehicle encountered amechanical problem forcing us to spend the night around the area. Wehad to camp at an unknown location so that we could try to seekassistance the next day since it was getting late.

Duringthe night, I could see desert foxes around the tent we had erectedwhich hoped to find something to eat. This caused me to panic as Iwas not familiar with the creatures. I could also hear some strangeanimal noises in the vicinity which made me fearful. Time flew andthe next day reached where we were able to obtain assistance and getback safely.

Insummary, the experiences encountered during the vacation came as asurprise and excitement to me altogether. They created one of thebest memories in my entire life as never experienced before and leadto creation of new perspectives that enlightened me.

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