Elderly Abuse

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  1. The old experience varying forms of abuse by their families and caretakers because of their venerability due to old age or deteriorating mental and physical health.

  2. The old depend on other people for activities of daily life.


  1. The main forms of abuse include physical, financial, and mental abuse and neglect.

  2. Identifying risk factors and warning signs are essential in developing preventive strategies.


  1. Physical abuse is the most prevalent in all community, which involves hitting, spanking, burning, restraint and imprisonment, as well as sexual assult.

  2. Financial abuse has evolved into an important issue. It is perpetrated by member of the family, caregiver, institutions or strangers through financial exploitation or using resources to control the individual.

  3. Emotional or mental abuse involves senior citizens being humiliated, ridiculed, blamed or molested.

  4. Neglect entails being deprived essential goods and services such as food, medical care, clothing, and other necessary commodities.

  5. Incidences of abuse can be detected through

    1. Identification of signs of physical abuse.

    2. Changes in behavior or personality.

    3. Large bank withdrawals and unnecessary spending.

    4. Visible signs of neglect such as poor hygiene, malnutrition, unsafe living environment and lack of proper medication


  1. Result in premature mortality due to reduced functional ability and worsening of physical and mental health.

  2. Reporting of identified or suspected incidences to the relevant authorities is critical for nurses.

  3. Training and awareness among health care professionals can have huge impacts on elderly protection.

  4. Community service nurses have a greater responsibility in promoting patient welfare.

  5. Nurses have a role in identification of risk factors and development of appropriate countermeasures and strategies.


  1. Elderly abuse remains an important social and health issue in the modern society.

  2. A huge percentage of elders are at risk of abuse.

  3. Nurses and other medical workers have a huge responsibility in protecting the welfare of elderly patients.

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