Emerging Technologies

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Themedical field has been encountering various challenges, but emergingtechnologies have helped in the eradication of most of the problemsin the sector. Patients are now in a position to obtain personalizedcare because of the technologies for instance, patients are capableof exchanging directly with physicians and receive care withoutnecessarily visiting a doctor (Richins, 2015). Also, emanating fromthe expertise, it is now feasible for practitioners to access thehealth records of patients easily within and across organizations.Indeed, this has helped in improving patient outcomes. Furthermore,the evolving technologies have been of immense assistance since theyhave helped in the elimination of medical errors for example, it hasnow become possible to provide the right medication to patients withthe use of electronic health records. Moreover, RFID has assisted inthe prevention of the distribution of counterfeit drugs, as well asin tracking patients (Richins, 2015).

Frompersonal experiences, I can indicate that emerging technologies inthe medical area have helped in improving the provision of services.With the expertise, it has become easy to provide care to patientsbecause one does not need to carry out processes manually. Some ofthe innovations in the field aid practitioners in making diagnosisfor diseases that a patient suffers from faster. Language barrier wasan issue in the provision of health care, but with the emergingtechnologies, it has now become feasible to translate languages.Diagnostic telehealth platform that comes in different languageshelps in the interpretation of language so as to understand patientproblems (Wasen, 2013). Therefore, from a personal perspective, I canargue that emerging technologies have helped in enhancing patientsafety and outcomes.


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