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JournalEntry 1:

Completionof the course will open a new way of thinking, besides enhancing myknowledge and competencies. It is a step towards improved thinkingand articulation of ideas learnt in school in a more practicalmanner. I believe that education is a social progression where onemoves to a new step with higher expectations. Doing a conclusionafter completing the course is an eye opener towards engaging througha thoughtful process on issues of importance in my learning. Whereasthe composition is likely to take my personal studying time, Ibelieve that it is still significant in my overall educational goals.I consider that the assignment will not affect my course objectivesnegatively, instead, it will improve my writing skills.

Throughthe inventory exercise, I have acquired vital knowledge as a writeron how to pen down ideas into a readable piece. I am an averagelygood writer who can develop interesting pieces that can engage theaudience. The inventory exercise has opened a new chapter in mylearning where I participate in writing articles during my free time.I will also participate in wide and intensive reading to improve myknowledge base. Another approach will be studying and consultingarticles written by notable authors to acquaint myself with essentialskills in writing. A good writer should develop interesting,informative, and creative articles that engage the readers.

JournalEntry 2:

Errorsin grammar and spelling have adverse impacts on the relationshipbetween the writer and the target reader. Poor grammar and spellingaffect the intended meaning of a particular passage or sentence.Inaccuratewords choice in writing also influences the precision and clarity.For instance, pronouns normally confuse the readers hence,jeopardize the clarity of the intended meaning. The common pronounsthat are troublesome include this,that, these, andthose.The confusion arises since they can be used to refer to informationused previously in an essay. At times, it is difficult for the readerto connect with the timings for the message when the author usesincorrect tense. Bottom line, many errors and poor grammar within anarticle piece make it disinteresting to the readers, besides failingthe quality test.

Mymain strengths include good choice of words and spelling. Beforecompleting an article piece, I undertake thorough check to detect andeliminate errors that affect quality and readability. In addition, Iuse transition devices in instances when I find difficulties toidentify errors. Another important strength is that I use connectorsoften to enhance smooth flow of information and ideas within theessay. Nonetheless, I have difficulties in the utilization of tensesat the right time and place with a sentence, particularly the activeand passive voices. I also have challenges in identifying thecorrect words to the targeted meaning due to incidences ofcolloquialism. Understanding technical communication styles isanother weakness that affects the quality of writing. It is througheffective technical communication that individuals understand issuesthat they are less competent.

JournalEntry 3:SocialMedia and Social Networking Websites and Apps

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  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Sina Weibo

Thereare thousands of social media and social networking websites and appsin the world today. However, few are well-known because of theirlarge following and non-restrictive nature. The differences betweenthe sites emerge due to the target audience, focus, andfunctionalities. Facebook and Twitter, for instance, allow users toconnect with their friends where they can share information in theform of messages, images, and videos. Werecognize that people and organizations benefit from communication,whether technical or not. More importantly, individuals need tounderstand the rules of statements when engaging in any form ofspeech. LinkedIntargets to network businesses and professionals with one another onimportant trade matters. Some sites exist in the form of a websiteand/or mobile apps. The functionalities and terms for the socialmedia platforms differs significantly, depending on the focus andtarget audience.

Thesisstatement: Good social media technologies should enable technical communicatorsto collaborate, interconnect, and interact effectively.

Technicalcommunication encompasses relaying information in the form ofengineering and scientific, among other fields. Effectivecommunication is important and necessary in the workplace as well asother places. Every day, people communicate through various mediumsincluding e-mail, video, and voice calls. Nonetheless, some of theinformation requires deeper interrogation by individuals whotechnical knowledge about the content. Technical speech isinstrumental in enhancing the realization of positive goals within anorganization. In technical vocalization, the communicators need tohave information and understanding about the objectives of theaudience.

Professionalsin the technical fields use this form of communication. It is amethod used to explain the technical processes and products, amongothers. The information can be documented in various ways such as theweb, video, and audio. In making the information clear and useable,technical communicators help the audience in relaying informationthat is easier to understand. The advancement in technology andcommunication enhances wider, faster, and effective reach of theaudience. Technical communicators should not be left behind inadopting the new technologies to improve their interactions. However,not all social media platforms are appropriate for technicalcommunicators hence, the need to make proper choices. As such,appropriate social media sites and technologies should enabletechnical communicators to interact effectively with their peers.Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIncan effectively serve the interests of technical communicators(Verzosa&amp Kimme, 2014).

JournalEntry 4:



Faster and cheap communication platforms

Bypass rules of communication

Better interactions between communicators

Undermines privacy and security of information

Creation of innovative ideas

Availability of multiple platforms hence no standards

Enhanced networking

Some lack professional characterized in technical communication

T-chart,as used above, offers two different perspectives regarding the matterunder discussion. The topic requires an appropriate examination ofthe pros and cons of utilizing the social media in technicalcommunication. The points drawn will help the technical communicatorsto generate appropriate means to enhance communication through theshared media without jeopardizing their goals. T-chart is also aneffective to present points to avoid repetition and generalization ofideas. As such, a writer can effectively exhaust all the points forease in reading and interrogating. Presenting information throught-chart ensures that the writer captures points the that bestexplains the thesis statement.

JournalEntry 5:

Thedraft has errors of grammar where the author shortens some wordsunnecessarily. It is appropriate to write words in full as theacceptable standards in writing. Words such as ‘don’t’ and‘who’s’ should be written in full ‘do not’ and ‘who is’respectively. It is important for the author to consider revising thedocument and utilize the recommended rules of grammar. Removing theinappropriate word structure will improve the sentences. It will alsoenhance clarity in communicating to the reader.

Anotherissue with the essay is poor construction of sentences. Incorrectusage of colons and semi-colons is a problem that contributes toerroneous sentences. Semi-colonsare only used to create division in elements with internal commas.The insertion of commas in the different writing formats aids indetaching the elements that are devoid of internal commas. Semi-colons are only used to create division in elements withinternal commas. The draft has many typos that require improvement ortotal change of the sentence construction. Further, it has incidencesof dangling modifiers that contribute to typos and grammar mistakes.

Additionally,the paper has poor usage of connectors. The issue contributes tolong, short, and incomplete sentences. The author can use a commawhen two independent clauses are joined by a conjunction. Verbs useis also contributing to grammatical errors. Putting a comma followingeach part in a series, including ‘before’,‘and’and ‘or’is suitable. Eitheractive or passive verbs can be preferred depending on tense and mood.The approach helps in emphasizing the importance of an action to therecipient or object.

Theexpression of message in the sentence is poor hence affecting thequality of the contents. Smoothness of expression can be enhanced byre-reading the draft sometimes later after preparing it. Readingaloud is also recommended to help identify errors and omissions.Appropriate usage of verb tense can assist in eliminating incidencesof abruptness.

JournalEntry 6:

Thereexist several approaches for one to use in improving writing.Compositions should reflect the ideas that the author intends tocommunicate to the audience. It is prudent to consider preparing anoutline that details the main topics to improve one’s writing. Anoutline acts as the reference to ensure the length and topical issuesare covered appropriately. The move allows one to exhaust the pointsprior to writing the final document. An outline also helps the writerto arrange the points depending on their strengths.

Second,it is essential to prepare a first draft and put it aside beforere-reading it later to correct the mistakes and omissions. Roughdraft helps one to start prepare approaches to eliminate errors. Thedraft can be presented to another individual for scrutiny to helpeliminate errors. The move is instrumental in enhancing the qualityof an article before presenting or releasing to the target audience.In preparing the drafts, one need to understand the points that canassist the writer improve the quality of writing.

Anothercritical strategy is to request someone else to assess and review thedraft before making the final written piece. It is even advisable torequest at least two people to assess the draft. The approach helpsin identifying the issues that minimizes the clarity and precision ofthe piece. However, time constraint is a major challenge whenutilizing the strategies. One has to invest more time in thepreparation of the manuscript if he/she chooses to apply theapproaches. Nonetheless, the three strategies results in the lucidityof the document, as well as apparent communication and presentationof the ideas (Whiteman,2013).


VerzosaHurley, E., &amp Kimme Hea, A. (2014). The rhetoric of reach:Preparing students for technical communication in the age of socialmedia. TechnicalCommunication Quarterly,23(1),55-68.

Whiteman,M. (2013). Writing:The nature, development, and teaching of written communication.Thames: Routledge.

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