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Obediencemay be defined as being loyal to those persons in authority whileduty as doing what one is destined to according to defined roles andresponsibilities. The relationship between the people and thegovernment is supposed to be based on responsibility and notobedience because governments are formed based on written laws thatdefine the roles of each stakeholder and that of the people.

Naturalliberty is the freedom that is dictated by nature for instance, theright to life. On the other hand, individual liberty is the freedomthat has conditions defined by persons or a government. One can giveup some degree of natural liberty by donating fundamental aspects oflife but still have civil liberty. Personal freedom under civilliberty may be seen as equal to freedom when one obeys the laws of agovernment and constitution as well as natural laws like abstainingfrom infringing other people’s rights.

Naturalliberty relates to a person right to ownership of property by theassumption of belonging to a family that possesses property. Thisimplies that by virtue of being a member of a family, one inheritsproperty by natural right. Individual right, on the other hand,enables one to acquire and poses property through hard work andleasing. The law also allows people to work for money and buy oracquire property based on their financial capabilities.

Possessionmay be defined as the act of acquiring property from differentsources that may include family, well-wishers, and donors whileownership may be regarded as the act of having a property that hasbeen acquired naturally by law or inheritance.

Thegovernment helps in establishing ownership and possession of propertythrough the establishment of legislation that governs propertyownership and granting its people the right of ownership throughtitles and security.

Jeffersonintended to communicate the rights and freedom that the Americancitizens are entitled to and the treatment without anydiscrimination. Based on the government that was established later,Jefferson was referring to the elected individual to represent theother parts of the population. The immigrants were never included inthis statement and they may form the category that is still nottreated as equal.

Thesystem of election as practiced in the U.S adequately expressespeople’s consent because it is democratic and everyone isrepresented.

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