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Theenvironmental issue that I choose is water scarcity. The scarcity ofwater can be an exceedingly critical challenge because water is usedin almost every area of life. For instance, water is used inagriculture, cooking, drinking, washing, and in industries amongother uses (Jha, 2016). Being used in almost in every area of life,scarcity of water is likely to affect me enormously. One of the waysthat water scarcity can directly affect me is through impacting myagricultural life. Water is one of the important ingredients used inagriculture in providing plants with the correct temperature, as wellas facilitating the flowering process (Jha, 2016). In times of waterscarcity, the flowering of crops that I grow will be highlyinfluenced, which would imply that I would not be in a position tohave a good harvest like other times since the productivity would below. This would imply that I would obtain little or no returns forthe farming.

Environmentaltakes a significant role in addressing the water shortage problem.According to the environmental scientists, technology plays acritical role in resolving water scarcity problem. For instance, theybelieve that technology can be used in making equipment that can beapplied in drilling water. It is from the drilling water fromdifferent areas that the issue of water shortage can be resolved.However, a major challenge that can face the utilization oftechnology in solving the water problem is that technology isexpensive to acquire. In most cases, people are not in a position tobear the cost associated with the technology that can be used indrilling water, especially where the water table is low.


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