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Differentitems are used for the sake of doing school work. However, for thisdiscussion, the description will be based on a laptop that is used todo various works relating to academics. The quality of the laptop isof great importance to each and every student. The quality of thelaptop is essential due to various reasons. The most important reasonis that a quality laptop enhances effectiveness in the work that isdone using it(Kasulaitis, et al. 2015).A laptop of low quality would make one delay in submission of schoolwork as well as high cost of maintaining it.

Attributesof high quality

Themain attributes of the laptop include speed. A machine that has agood speed of the processor would make it convenient to use. Anotherattribute is that of storing own power for a longer time (Kasulaitis,et al. 2015).This makes the laptop portable to various non-electrified places. Alaptop with a big storage capacity is also of high quality as moreinformation will be possible to store in it.

Attributesof low quality

Alaptop could be said to be of low quality if the speed for itsprocessor is too low. On the other hand, a low-quality laptop islikely to have a low small storage capacity. Also, the laptop islikely to have a low capacity of retaining the charge for a longperiod.

Acceptanceby students

Mostof the students will agree that the above qualities would be fit todefine a high or low-quality laptop. This is because the high-qualityattributes provide convenience to them while the low-qualityattributes mean dissatisfaction.

Relationshipbetween prices and quality

Thereis a positive correlation between the quality of a product and theprices. In most cases, high prices are taken to mean high quality(Kasulaitis,et al. 2015).Low prices, on the other hand, are taken to mean low prices.


Caseof unexpected delay

Forthe sake of this discussion, the case of delivery that is taken intoaccount is that of a delay in the delivery of a cell phone from asupplier. The case under hand is one that relates to a delayeddelivery to a consumer who had ordered it over the internet. Theconsumer was hence waiting for it to the common point agreed by bothparties, but the delivery didn’t happen on time.

Howit was communicated

Thedelay of delivery was done right at the time when the delivery oughtto have been done. However, this was too late as the customer wasalready at the agreed point ready to take the phone and pay for thesame. The communication was not satisfactory as it came too late tomake any impact.

Remedyby retailer

Theretailer tried to make up for the inconvenience by discounting theprice of the phone by a further margin. However, the remedy was notsatisfactory since the damage was already done as the customer hadwasted much useful time waiting for the shipper. The possibility ofretaining customer loyalty is too low.

Wayto prevent late delivery

Theshipper could synchronize the routes that he follows the course ofdelivery to various customers. The first routes ought to be tackledfirst following each other in line to avoid delays.

RemedyI would use in case of delay

Thebest remedy would be to boost the motivation of the customer. Thiswould be best done by offering enticing gifts to the inconveniencedcustomer while giving an apology letter for the inconvenience.


Kasulaitis,B. V., Babbitt, C. W., Kahhat, R., Williams, E., &amp Ryen, E. G.(2015). Evolving materials, attributes, and functionality in consumerelectronics: case study of laptop computers. Resources,Conservation and Recycling,100,1-10.

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