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Reviewfor the assignment

  1. Review the prompt for the first assignment. Does the author fulfill all of the requirements of the assignment as described in the prompt? Which, specifically, did the author fulfill? Which, specifically, did the author not fulfill?

Basedon the assignment requirements, the author manages to select anactivity and succeeds in comparing how norms shape it in bothcontexts author’s life and street corner society. He clearlydefines norm in his own words without making any reference. Theauthor made good use of his findings, as such, he was able to vividlycompare and contrast the norms that existed within the era of Doc’sgang of corner boys and the contemporary norm that was practiced withhis group of friends. Paragraphs are well arranged and have a smoothflow. However, he left loopholes in his argument when he failed toincorporate empirical evidence in his discussion. There is no in-textcitation in the essay although a reference is listed on the referencepage. There is no indication how this source was used within thetext. There are some sentences which need punctuation. One such asentence is, &quotAmongst my group of friends, on the rare occasionthat I do lend money to my friends it is a norm that they return thatmoney to me.&quot A comma is required between the words ‘friendsand &quotit.&quot Another sentence that needs restructuring is &quotDocwas one who gave money to other members of the Cornerboys which endedup making him the leader of the gang.&quot There is a missingarticle, ‘the`, between &quotwas&quot and &quotone.&quot Thesentence &quotAmongst my friend`s, it is a norm that spend money oneach other during special occasions like….&quot, also needsrestructuring.

  1. What is the author’s thesis? 

Theauthor’s basic argument is that there exist different norms withinthe various groups based on the period and place. The essay format isentirely based on quite a few of his own examples in comparison toWhyte’s Street Corner Society. He systematically compares andcontrasts the act of spending money between the Cornerboys and hisgroup of friends. In content, the author discusses how they spendtheir money with friends while in social outings. In the firstinstance, he found that Cornerboys leader would give money to hisfriends when a member could not afford to go to the social outing.The second instance followed that the Cornerboy leader would dish outmoney to friends to garner prestige and high ranking in their socialhierarchy. And the last instance was that when Doc gave money to oneof his members he did not expect a return. All these features wereopposite to what the norms of the author`s friends stood for, in thatthey would expect a return when paying for a friend’s social outingor each member would account for his own bills while on socialevents. For these reasons, the author believes that norms vary withingroups regarding times and location.

  1. What ideas from the course does the author use in the analysis? Does the author define these concepts clearly and correctly? How or how not? 

Theauthor based his argument on the Whyte`s Street Corner Society on hownorms differed with how money is spent on friends while in socialevents. He compared and contrasted the differences in spending money,to his current ways of spending money while out with his friends.

  1. What empirical evidence does the author use to support the thesis? 

Empiricalevidence is the information that is acquired through observation orresearch processes. For the article under evaluation, the author didnot include empirical evidence which is deemed essential to safeguardagainst poor research.

  1. How convinced were you by the author’s analysis? Explain why you were or were not convinced and give specific examples

Theauthor used real studies to drive his point home. He was able to tellus how Cornerboys’ spending habits mainly affected the group’ssocial hierarchy position regarding the achievement of high rankingstatus and social prestige, and how it differs from his/her beliefs.

  1. What was the author’s theory about why norms differed? Do you agree with that? Why or why not?

Itwas evident that being raised in a different background and thedifference in periods and regions mainly contributed to the differentnorms. This is because we are regulated by our cultures and thus whenrules and norms are set, they have to conform to the beliefs, norms,customs, etc., that we stand by in that country, region, or state inwhich one lives.

Inconclusion, the author makes the point that at different times andplaces, norms will always differ. While comparing his group offriends and the Cornerboys group, he noted that the act of spendingon friends was different. This was so because both groups existed indifferent times and places and were brought up together for differentreasons.

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