Essence of Warm-ups

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Essenceof Warm-ups

Essenceof Warm-ups

Importanceof warming up before training

Itis important to warm up before engaging in a training exercise. Thisis because the pre-exercise increases the heart beat rate. The heartbeat rate, in turn, increases the rate of blood flow to the musclesand hence gets them ready for a vigorous exercise(Wintergerst, &amp Mc 2014).The increased heart beat rate will also increase the ability of thejoints to loosen to allow for a vigorous exercise ahead. This willenhance the gradual transformation of the motion of the body andhence prevent any injuries that may be due to occur.

Dynamicmovements appropriate in boxing

Thereare various movements that are useful in preparation for boxingexercise. The first dynamic movement is the joint rotation as well asthe aerobic activity. This activity is quite useful in that itenhances the lubrication of the joints and hence preparing them forthe vigorous exercise ahead. Stretching is another movement thatenables the increase in the range of the movement of the differentbody parts and muscles which one involves the training. Mimicking ofthe actual sporting activity is also an appropriate dynamic movementin boxing(Aguilar, et al. 2012).This enhances that the body of the trainer gets started and ready forthe vigorous exercise to be started. Movement of all the parts thatare involved in the training is enhanced as this acts as a smallerexercise of the main one.

Physiologicalchanges that occur

Oneof the changes that occur is the gradual increase in the bodytemperatures. This enhances the muscles to stretch easily and henceenhances easier exercise (Aguilar,et al. 2012).There is also an increase in the flow of blood which enables the bodyto be circulated with enough oxygen. One is less likely to have amuscle pull after warm-ups.


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