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Everyday Bible Study

EverydayBible Study


Thehistorical context of a passage in the Bible is crucial to theunderstanding of the scripture. For us to understand the scripturewell, we ought to know the historical context surrounding thesituation since it assists us to know the situation that surroundsthe story (Wilkin, 2014). Once the historical context is understood,then it is possible for us to derive the correct meaning of thescripture that the author intended to convey. Some of the keyfactors, related to the historical context, include the politicalstability of that period. This is crucial since it determines thedecision made and the occurrence of particular events during thattime (Wilkin, 2014). Additionally, another key factor related to thehistorical context is economic factor surrounding that period sinceit affects the lifestyle of the people during that time. Throughthis, we can derive a conclusion on why some events happened. Thisperiod is mostly associated with the reign of the Israelite kingsthat gives a framework for the historical survey rather than theshift of power to Babylon from Assyria. Despite the fact that thereare decisive battles and dates that indicate its demise, the Assyrianempire finished over a span of time instead of all at once. Its endunfolded primarily in Josiah’s reign and even his death in 609occurred as the Empire was breathing its last. Therefore, Josiah’sreign marks the transition between the two empires.


Equally,the literacy context is crucial while reading the bible since ithelps the reader to derive the correct meaning that the authorintended to convey. It is important for us to understand the literarycontext of the passage so that we can get the correct meaning of thepassage. Understanding the literary context of the passage in thebible plays a crucial role in understanding the scripture since wewill get the right meaning of the phrases used by the author. Tobegin with, historical context refers to the surrounding environmentthat led to the occurrence of certain individuals. It defines thesituation that occurred before the scripture was written. Therefore,it has a crucial role in educating us on the appropriate meaning thatthe author intended to pass (Wilkin, 2014). On the other hand, theliteracy context refers to the phrases and particular words to conveythe message to the readers. Therefore, it helps in explaining certainlong instances in a phrase or a single statement. One of the majorexamples of literacy context in the Bible is in Paul’s letter tothe Romans. When Paul describes God’s love to us and one wondershow that fits that paragraph in the first section of chapter 5.Additionally, when Paul is talking about “the grace and thatsalvation is by faith not by our works.” Therefore, understandingthe literacy context of the scripture plays a crucial role since ithelps in deriving the correct meaning that the author indicates(McKenna &amp Stahl, 2015). In conclusion, for us to understand thescripture in a better way, we ought to take into consideration someminor factors such as the historical and the literacy context.


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