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1) How can Xerox gain both hearts and minds?

Xeroxcan gain both hearts and minds of employees when the human resourceteam engages them. Employees should be convinced that the company islistening and working on their concerns. The human resource teamshould also make employees know that top executives are submissive tocompany rules. This will dispel the notion of double standards. Theremaining staff has to be assured of job security. The assurance willbe guaranteed by the top executives not being allowed to engage inunreasonable risk taking.

2a) Whatcan Xerox and its employees expect from each other?

Employeesexpect Xerox to invest in the upgrading of their skills andcompetencies, increase the level of connection between managerialstaff and employees while recognizing their contribution andachievements. Xerox can, in turn, expect better and improved outputand an attitude that reflects embraced company goals, vision, andmission from every employee.

2b) Howto develop a culture that encourages continuous improvement and highperformance from all employees.

Xeroxshouldbreakdown existing organizational barriersthathinder progression and in turn adopt flexible structures toaccommodate positive changes. The company should also create ahigh-performance work-system. This system will be based on theprinciple of knowledge development where employees get to build upknowledge and skills while still working. High performance will alsobe delivered when individual employees’ goals blend together withthose of the company. The company`s leadership should share itsaspirations with the employees through personal engagement andmotivation that will help them embrace a new culture that will spurcontinuous improvement. A spirit of healthy competition within thecompany can also be developed by rewarding well-performing employeesand as a result high performance will be registered.

2c) Howcan HR deliver a pipeline of three-deep bench talent for everyposition within the organization?

Byblending leadership development and succession preparations to comeup with an enduring process of talent management for a reliablepipeline of leadership in every position in the organization. Athorough execution of this strategy will ultimately yield desiredresults of having the right kind of personnel possessing the rightskillsets ready to lead the company.[ CITATION Mel11 l 2057 ]


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