Exploring the Machine

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Exploringthe Machine

Exploringthe Machine

Onemust know his/her way around a computer in order to determine itscapabilities. In addition, he/she needs to understand the processesthat operate in the background in order to know what to shut down inorder to increase the computer’s efficiency. Inherently, some ofthe most basic skills that one should know are viewing the system’sgeneral information, creating a new folder, and exploring activelyrunning processes. This paper demonstrates how these things can bedone in computers with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

System’sGeneral Information

  1. Right click the start button

  2. Select system (Romer &amp Pinard, 2011).

Fromthe system window, my computer has Windows 10 Pro operating system,Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU N3540 2.16 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, and a64-bit operating system.

Creatinga Folder

  1. Right click on the desktop

  2. Move the mouse cursor to new

  3. Select folder

  4. Type new name and press enter

ExploringActively Running Processes

  1. Right click the task bar

  2. Select task manager

  3. In the window that appears, select more details

  4. Under processes, view the number of processes running actively in the background

  5. Alternatively, one can press a combination of Alt+Ctrl+ Delete then select task manager and continue from step 3

Notably,63 processes were running in the background at the time the exercisewas completed. The task manager also showed that nine applicationswere running in the section on top of background processes part.

Overall,this paper demonstrates that I successfully viewed the systeminformation and documented the specifications of my computer, createda new folder on the desktop, and viewed the active processes on mycomputer using the task manager. I believe that every new user shouldlearn these basic to ensure that he/she uses the computerefficiently.


Romer,R. M., &amp Pinard, K. (2011).&nbspCMPTR.Mason, Ohio: South-Western.

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