Federalism in the Future

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Federalismin the Future

Federalismin the Future

Inthe political arena, federalism is a governmental system that allowsthe states and provinces to share some aspects of power with thegovernment. The founding leaders of America had a dream for thiscountry. Most of these leaders had formed their vision based on thesystem of federalism.

Weneed to identify the factors that led to federalism growing faint tothe point of just being a shadow of itself. It takes slight analysisto understand that, the more we allow federalism to die, the more itbecomes a challenge to self-governance, the American way of life, andto our individual freedom (Robertson, 2012). From its low beginnings,this nation developed to the greatest military and economic power inthe world’s record and at the same time became an inspiration offreedom and hope to the oppressed and the downtrodden. This journeytook place in less than 200 years, which seems a rare accomplishmentthrough history.

Ratherthan looking down on our pronounced custom, along with its manychallenges, or try to appreciate it via the partial lens ofpostmodernism, we need to relieve those higher precepts that allowedAmerica to thrive and gave the world hope of decent ascendency fromreflection and choice (Robertson, 2012). Federalism is, undoubtedlyone of those inventive principles that we must uphold and work torebuild as a stronghold against that old-age craving for absolutepower.

Federalismin the future would therefore not act as a conjectural idea forpolitical philosophers to deliberate on, but it would encourageinnovation and alleviate adverse outcomes of economic changes. For usto think a healthy political future we must think federalism as perour founders` visions. This step shall enable peaceful and efficientco-existence between the states and the national government in thecoming days.


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