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Goose, 1914 18K produced low SN 13000. 1915 27K produced low SN 31000. 1916 36K produced low SN 58000. 1917 46K produced low.

Mauser Pistol C-96 (Broomhandle) Manufacture Dates.

Jan 7, 2013. #1. Hi, I am new to the forum and have a new fetish, I have started a collection of Gewehr 98s by maker and date. I am going to try to limit myself to the war years and stay under $300 (unless a gem pops up). So far I have bagged an easy one and a tough one. The 1915 Simson Suhl is on top and the 1917 Waffenfabrik Mauser is on bottom. ID Number AF.84493M catalog number 84493M accession number 1977.0597 serial number 165375 Credit Line U.S. Department of the Interior. National Park Service See more items in Political and Military History: Armed Forces History, Military Data Source National Museum of American History. Mauser Model 1909 Peruvian Contract Bolt Action RifleAn excellent example of a pre-war commercial rifle manufactured by the Mauser rifle company for the government of Peru. Blade front and "ski ramp" tangent rear sights, with the receiver marked "REPUBLICA DEL PERU/(national crest)/MAUSER ORIGINAL" on the front ring and "WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER-OBERNDORF a/n/MODELO 1909" on the side wall.

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Get on Fraud Number to find (417) 966-1903 in Deerfield, MO and to identify if… the US Krag rifle was found wanting against the Spanish 1893 model Mauser…. Springfield Armory Model 1903 serial number 953630 how can you find out if it is…. Mauser /Model G33/40 (Man 1940)/ 8mm Serial #8463 Nazi Markings. 405.

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Here you can see serial number and Kar 98. Some code on german Mauser 98k receiver. Code on long Mauser Gew. Caliber markings on. The serial number is 2350 which I'm told is not correct for a 1941 byf. Any ideas on the. Serial Numbers Mauser 98 Parts. Higher serial numbers are unique, though, as the highest serial contract gun would be about 1. Mauser place made Germany Measurements overall: 49 1/2 in x 4 in; 125.73 cm x 10.16 cm ID Number AF.58599M catalog number 58599M accession number 213624 serial number 6218 Credit Line U.S. Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Chief of Ordnance.

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There are very few known examples of Mauser 1910 pistols in the serial number ranges from 115000 to 150000 and from 156000 to 200000. These gaps may be from stopping production of the 6.35 mm (.25 cal) model during the war because of greater demand for the 7.65 mm (.32 cal) model. Although the firm name had been changed from Waffenfabrik Mauser to Mauser-Werke in 1922, the new name was not used on the pocket pistols until 1929 or… Over the weekend i picked up a mauser 1934 32cal pocket pistol serial number 198XXX, the right side is marked MAUSER-7,65, on the left side is marked WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A-G OBERNDORF A.

1896 C96 Waffenfabrik Broomhandle Mauser Wartime Commercial 7.63mm W.

MAUSER PISTOL. Waffenfabrik.30 caliber,MAUSER PISTOL. Waffenfabrik.30 caliber, SN # 35891, with fitted wooden case. German Gewehr 98 Bolt Action Rifle and TwoGerman Gewehr 98 Bolt Action Rifle and Two Bayonets, c. 1916, serial number 6065m, walnut stock, marked on the receiver ring WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER A-G/OBERNDORF *WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER MODEL.

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1910 Mauser Pistol S Serial Number 400. Although the firm name had been changed from Waffenfabrik Mauser to Mauser-Werke in 1922, the new name was not used on the pocket pistols until 1929 or 1930, at about serial number 400,000. This change consisted in the use of a more streamlined grip, which afforded a better hold. Mauser Pistol C-96 (Broomhandle) Covering numbers: 1 – 900500. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

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Model MS350B Model ES340B Model MM41OBN Model MS420B Model 107. šŸ“·. Model 66 Standard. šŸ“·. Model 66 Magnum. šŸ“·. Model 66 Safari Model 66 Stuzen. šŸ“·. IDF Mauser Rifle Model 66SP Model 77 Model 77 Ultra Model 77 Mannlicher Model 77 Big Game Model 86.

Waffenfabrik Brunn dot Code K98k Mauser Rifle In Original Military.

Spine dated W17 The Model 14s were built from 1914 until 1934, and of those serial numbers ranging from 40000 to 180000, most have German military… WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A Though the gun was never a general-issue weapon in the Kaiser's army, Mauser produced around aone million C96 pistols Rigby custom rifles built on Mauser actions became.


Make: Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf, Germany Model: Gewehr 98 (Gew 98, M98) Serial Number: 141 Year of Manufacture: 1915 Caliber: 8mm Mauser (7.92X57mm) Action Type: Bolt Action with Internal Magazine Markings: There is no visible import mark.The top of the receiver is marked "WAFFENFABRIK / MAUSER A.-G. / OBERNDORF A/N. Serial numbers as found on the rear sight leaf, and sight adjustment. Note that very late war K98s might not have any serial numbers marked on these parts. All early war or pre-war K98s should have serial numbers on these though! This K98 is a 1943 date. Serial numbers for the reciever and barrel on a K98. Note aslo the acceptance proof markings.

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Mauser, originally Kƶniglich WĆ¼rttembergische Gewehrfabrik ("Royal WĆ¼rttemberg Rifle Factory"), is a German arms manufacturer.Their line of bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic pistols has been produced since the 1870s for the German armed forces. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mauser designs were also exported and licensed to many countries which adopted them as military and. Based on the serial numbers, this example could have been used with either a M1863 muzzle loader, M1863/67 Milbank-Amsler, or M1869 Vetterli…. According to serial number data, Waffenfabrik Neuhausen produced the M1918 bayonet until approximately 1933. The M1911 Carbine with serial number 140144 was produced in 1926. 11.75: 300: 17.00: 432.

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Here is another "all correct" example of an 1899 M96/38 Swedish Short Rifle Serial # 23669, also converted by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori between 1938-1940. This particular rifle is unique in that it was originally mfg in Germany uncer license as an M96 rifle by Waffenfabrik Mauser, Oberndorf a/N in 1899.

Waffenfabrik mauser oberndorf a neckar price.

Find your rifle using one of the three follwing methods: Using the SwissW rifle overview picture gallery. By searching for the rifle serial number (search box ' Rifle Serial Number ' above) By using the SwissW all rifle serial number list page or the all rifle serial number PDF. For Swiss bayonets you can use the SwissWaffen.

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