Financing Terrorism

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Thebridge cards are supposed to enable low-income Americans to buyessential goods such as groceries. However, several stores have beentaking advantage of this program and illegally cashing out the cardsfor items such as alcohol, cigarettes, clothing, and householdappliances(timedjumpoff, 2012).Consequently, the government has taken steps to combat these illegalactivities. The law enforcement officials started conductinginvestigations to acquire evidence that would enable them to stopthese frauds. For example, in the case of the Baghdad mini market,investigators used undercover buyers with bridge cards to record theoperations in the store. After these illegal transactions hadoccurred, the customers gave the evidence to the investigators forfurther legal actions (timedjumpoff,2012).Consequently, the government has managed to shut down storesconducting bridge cards fraud. They also use the information toarrest and indict any person involved in a Bridge Card theft. Forinstance, a woman who pleaded guilty to the illegal use of the cardwas prosecuted and sentenced to 18 months (timedjumpoff,2012).

Theunlawful use of bridge cards has an adverse impact on the country’seconomic. For example, the Baghdad mini market allegedly stole about1.6 million us dollars(timedjumpoff, 2012).Thus, the government is determined to continue initiating strictmeasures to prevent future incidences of fraud. For instance, theadministration has banned the use of bridge cards in liquor storesATM unless most of the store’s sales are food items. Besides, anyperson found guilty of fraud must repay an amount equivalent to thebenefits they received, and they are disqualified from the bridgecards program for a period depending on the seriousness of theoffense. Therefore, the government aims at helping the needy in thesociety, but they are also committed to finding out those who do notneed the assistance.


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