Fine Art Delegation

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Fine art delegation

Unlike other professions where the delegation of duties is mucheasier and requires less attention and considerations, the process ofdelegating responsibilities in the nursing field is a complicatedventure which needs many factors to be put into consideration. Thecomplexity of this process is because the named professionals dealwith life and any mistake they make results into loss of life. Themodel of the process of delegation of duties by nurses outlines when,how and who to assign the responsibilities.

Picking case scenario number 2, Ms. Swason who is 58 years old andwas admitted for hysterectomy two days ago. She is to ambulate threetimes a day. After doing the examination on her status andrequirements, the decision to secure the help of an assistant nursein her situation or not sets in. The process of decision making toindulge in this exercise requires critical evaluation and analysis ofthe available options.

In this scenario, the assistant nurse has ten patients to deal with,and he or she is to work with other two nurses, which will compromiseher full availability. Thus the type of assignments to be left to herhas to be light and not time critical as she handles other patients.The roles left to her must be clearly stated and explained, they mustbe within her capabilities according to the ethics of delegation.

The responsibilities I would hand over to her would be to assist thepatient in ambulating as she is to ambulate after every 8hours, whichis three times in a day. The other role to be left under her custodyis to keep a close watch on the patient all through the period ofambulation to check for her stability and finally to help her back toher bed if she experiences any ill sign.

The examination of the patient determines whether his conditionneeds my attention entirely or whether the nurse assistant canleverage some of my services to her. But before handing out the rolesto an assistant nurse, some factors have to be considered. Thesefactors include the availability of the auxiliary nurse, the duty tobe delegated must be within the speciation of the assistant nurse,the nurse in charge must have the authority to delegate duties andmust be entirely responsible for the patient. Above all, thedelegation of functions is all about bright distinct and elucidativecommunication between the nurse and the assistant nurse taking up therole. The person must also accept the duties delegated to her. Havingput all the above into consideration, I would go ahead to request forassistance with the ambulation process for my patient.

I would not entrust the assistant nurse with the power to declare mypatient as fully recovered as that is my decision to make. I wouldalso not allow the nurse to prescribe drugs for my patient. These twoare not more of a full responsibility, but they are a necessity tothe patient to hasten and speed up her healing process. People tendto have a negative attitude towards drugs and food when sick. It is,therefore, my responsibility to continually check the patient andassist plus ensure that she takes food and the prescribed drugs asscheduled after which it is my power to declare her fit for theenvironment outside the hospital.


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