Game Fair and Mama Horror Movies

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GameFair and Mama Horror Movies

GameFair and Mama Horror Movies

DescriptionFair Game and Mama

FairGame and Mama Movies are in two separate movies genres. Mamarepresents the horror movies genre while Fair Game thriller genre.oneof the core similarity between the movies is the purpose. Bothmovies employees the same techniques and style of entertainment. Thestyle utilized have three unique traits terrify action, suspensecreation and .in fact the two movies shares the same function whichis to support financial well-being of the producers. In addition theytake fictional realism form. Mama is generated from the shortnarrative “Mama’ by Andres Muschietti while Game Fair takes theform of narrative story from the Valerie Plame’s memoir.

Differencesbetween Game Fair and Mama

Roleand purpose

GameFair main purpose is to entertain the viewer through series ofwell-organized investigative operation. Valerie Plame is employed bythe C1A office which is tasked with responsibility to undertake andoversee some sensitive and dangerous operation overseas. In contrast,Mama’s purpose is to create tension and unease to the viewersthrough the utilization of supernatural activities. The moviebaseline is the evil mother who returns with an aim to claim her twodaughters to the dark world.


Naomiwatts has a double life working as CIA operative and hiding the jobfrom family and friends. Naomi discovers her identity is allegedlyleaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husbandwrote criticizing the Bush administration. The article was based onthe secret business between the government and Iraq in the purchaseof uranium. The movie expounds on the conspiracy between the UnitedStates government and Iraq in the purchase of uranium throughunlawful ways.

Thesenior partner of an investment brokerage, Jeffrey Desange hasbreakdown due to financial collapse and kills several co-workers andhis estranged wife. He kidnaps his two young daughters. Jeffreyfinds an abandoned and isolated cabin where he contemplates onkilling his daughters. Lucas finds the kids after five years searchthem claiming mama raised them in the course of the five years. Lucassoon finds out that the girls have brought mama with them and theirlives are in grave danger. To fight the menace it becomes clear thatmama must be returned back to the dark world.


Mamachooses to use very few characters to pass their message. In fact,the movie only have only five active characters. Jessica Chastainoletakes the role of the main actor.(Nelson, 2015).In fact, if Jessica role is withdrawn or eliminated then the moviewill lose its meaning. In the Game Fair, characters are linked andhelps each other to make the movie. The coordination between thecharacters creates the necessary baseline for the movie success. Themovie has multiple starring with each playing totally different roleconcerning the information leak. The character includes Naomi Watts,Sean Penn, Noah Emeriti and Try Burral. Naomi watts plays the role ofthe main figure in the movie Valerie Plame. Sean Penn stars asNaomi’s husband. Noah and Try have the responsibility to coordinateall Naomi’s operations.


Mamasetting is based on old and dark world setting. It is clear that theauthors and the directors chose the scene to display the dark forcesand supernatural abilities that are in existence throughout themovie. In contrast, Game Fair uses simple but clear setting toexplain the events.


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