Global Biome

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Biomesare main world communities, categorized according to the majorvegetation and consists of adaptations of organisms to thatenvironment. The five major types of biomes include tundra, forests,deserts, grasslands, and aquatic. The biome under consideration isthe desert biome and its ecosystem.There are four kinds of desert biomes. These are theSemi-Arid,Hot and Dry, Cold, and Coastal desert. These areas have hightemperatures due to less cloud and vegetation cover, a littlemoisture in the atmosphere, and verylittlerain. The plants which survive here are cactiand short shrubs, because of their capability to conserve water. Theplants have few leaves, and they depend on their stems tophotosynthesize(Whitford,2012).The animals burrow themselves and stay in hideouts until sunset toevade&nbsptheheat. There exist mostly birds, snakes, insects, small carnivores,and lizards, which are adapted to live with the little water. The Hotand desert biomes are the Chihuahuan of USA and Mexico, and Sahara ofNorth Africa.

Thesymbiotic relationship in thedesert ecosystems of concern is parasitism. In this situation, onespecies feeds on the other causing harm. Parasitism is seen when inthe desert, a flealives on a coyote. Theflea sucks blood from the coyote, obtaining a nutritional advantage.Nonetheless, the coyote loses its basic blood and suffers pain.Moreover, the coyote has a high possibility of developing diseases(Whitford, 2012).The desert mistletoe enjoys a parasitic relationship bygrowing on the desert willow trees to take nutrients from it.However, the willow tree is not harmed provided it takes sufficientnutrients and water for it and the desert mistletoe. In the case ofchanges in the environment, the willow tree encounters insufficientsupply of nutrients. As such, it dies due to the fast uptake ofnutrients by mistletoe before it processes nutrients for itself.

Inconclusion, there are five major biomes among them being the desertbiome. This desert ecosystem is harsh with high temperatures, andextremely little rain. The plants and animals are adapted to thisenvironment for survival. Symbiotic relationships exist hereincluding the parasitism kind of relationship. The parasite benefitsfrom its host but does not necessarilykill them.


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