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GlobalHealth Issue


SierraLeon is an African country located in the western region of thecontinent. The country’s size is approximately 71,000 km2.According to the 2015 census, the country has a population of7,075,641. The country has sixteen ethnic groups with Mende and Temnebeing the largest. The country’s GDP, according to 2016 estimates,was $9.881 billion. The country has substantial amounts of mineraldeposits. The deposits include diamond, titanium, gold, bauxite andrutile. The substantial mineral deposits make mining the maineconomic activity. Even though there are huge amounts of mineraldeposits, a huge percentage of the country’s population (70%) stilllives in poverty. The country has a history of civil war thatoccurred between 1991 and 2002. The conflict resulted frommismanagement of the country’s resources and corruption. Theimplications of the war included the deaths of over fifty thousandpeople, destruction of infrastructure and the weakening of thehealthcare system.

Eventhough diabetes is a predominant clinical concern in Sierra Leoneanhospitals, there has never been enough information covering theoccurrence of the disease in this country. The World HealthOrganization ranks Sierra Leone among the top ten sub-Sahara Africancountries infested by diabetes. Sierra Leon is selected for the studybecause it presents a peculiar example of how history, economy,health systems and poor policies may affect the health status of thecountry’s population. The frequency of diabetes has been on therise in both rural and urban Sierra Leone, with town regionsexperiencing accumulative prevalence. The diabetes outbreak in SierraLeone has become a global issue because if assumed, the disease mayeasily be transferred to other regions. The paper intends to studydiabetes in Sierra Leon as a global matter. The paper discusses thehistorical influences, economy influences, health systems influencesand policy influences of the issue.


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