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Identificationof a Suitable Sponsor for a Youth Empowerment Project

GrantWriting: Identification of a Suitable Sponsor for a Youth EmpowermentProject

Eachyear, grant programs from corporate and non-governmental trustsaccount for billions of dollars in financial aid to not-for-profitorganizations. Such groups include those that assist the youth intackling various societal issues in an ever-changing world.Empowering the youth is critical in driving change. Subsequently,young people can make crucial decisions that shape their personal andprofessional lives. As part of youth empowerment, Do Something, aglobal non-profit foundation, aims at steering societal changethrough offering practical advice to young people. In many cases,this section of the populace is the most vulnerable to misinformationand fallacies that fail to give them proper direction for pursuingtheir personal and professional goals. Usually, the most accessiblesource of information is the Internet. Concerning lack of practicaladvice, Do Something seeks to hold youth empowerment conferences forimparting useful life skills to young people. To achieve this, it isimportant to identify a relevant sponsor that matches theorganization’s youth-oriented project. This paper focuses on anappropriate sponsor for a grant of $16000.

ForDo Something’s youth empowerment conference, Will Keith KelloggFoundation (W.K. Kellogg Foundation) would be a suitable grantsponsor. Established in the 1930s, this charitable institution aimsat providing grants for promoting knowledge and learning amongvulnerable young people. This sponsor supports new ideas for bringingthe youth together. W.K. Kellogg Foundation operates in the UnitedStates, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and Southern Africaregions. With a total asset of $8 billion and an annual grantexpenditure of 272, 511, 561, this institution matches Do Something’syouth-oriented $16000 project this is because the charitable trustaims at ensuring the youth have access to credible information. Suchan objective matches Do Something`s goal of empowering the youngpeople with practical information. For this reason, a grant forfunding a youth mentorship convention would enable Do Something toinvite strong personalities and professionals to mentor young people.As such, Do Something can apply for the grant online through W.K.Kellogg Foundation’s website

Duringthe process of searching for a suitable sponsor, two portals werehelpful. These are and These portals have various links tocorporate and independent trusts that have provided various kinds offinancial support to programs that impart practical life skills toyoung people. Specifically, has detaileddescriptions of several charitable trusts. These reports includegeographical scope and source of funding for the listedorganizations. Operational programs and grant expenditure are alsolisted. It is for this reason that these portals were appropriate inaccessing W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s website.

Developingdifferent search strategies was vital in arriving at the suitabilityof this foundation. First, the research identified the main issuesaffecting the youth while trying to enter their career paths thisenabled the search process to focus on charitable trusts that offergrants for youth programs in various parts of the globe. Secondly,the search entailed developing keywords about pertinent questionsthat bother most young people. Again, the web search strategyinvolved scanning various potential sponsor websites.

Theyouth encounter different societal issues that are vulnerable tomisinformation and fallacies. This causes many young people to engagein early sexual encounters and substance abuse. It is for thesereasons that Do Something intends to hold a youth empowermentconvention. For such a conference to be possible, the organizationneeds a grant for funding the $16000 convention budget. This paperhas identified that W.K. Kellogg Foundation is a suitable sponsor forthe youth-oriented project.

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