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Manypeople in today`s society have the ability to defend themselves inany dangerous situation because they can own guns. If a thief or amurderer breaks into the house of a gun owner, the culprit will findit difficult to execute their illegal act. Every law abiding citizenshould be able to own a gun through legal means since the weapon isuseful in protecting the user and their families. However, if aperson cannot do so, the government will have broken the SecondAmendment of the US Constitution. Therefore, this essay holds theview that any action to ban firearms is illegal and that associatingguns with violence is inaccurate. It will argue its position by theuse of existing data, historical narratives, and the secondamendment.

Thegun has always been a significant part of the American tradition ofconservation and hunting. For instance, the first American settlersmade use firearms to hunt. The use of guns makes it easier for themto get food. Therefore, citizens who do not have a criminal recordshould own guns to defend themselves and their families. The USConstitution`s Second Amendment provides a provision for theexistence of a militia to maintain security and to protect themasses. However, it adds that even with the existence of such anarmy, ordinary citizens have the right to bear arms (Bill of Rights,2013).

Furthermore,anti-gun activists say that weapons kill people and that they causemany deaths and increase violence. However, this notion is wrongbecause guns do not kill people. Rather, people kill people. Further,a significant number of individuals consider guns to be a bad thing.Firearms are inanimate. As such guns have never killed anyone. It ispeople who pull the trigger. As such, blaming guns withoutconsidering the villains is not an objective stance on the matter.However, authorities should ensure that people receive propereducation on gun safety. Training would include lessons on properfirearm handling and storage techniques. Educating gun users onproper weapon handling procedures will help protect them fromaccidents. Further, people who are against gun usage say that gunsresult in murder and violence. In reality, legal gun usage is onlyfor defensive purposes. (Defensive Gun Use Statistics, 2009)

Also,the National Rifles Association states that there are three basic gunsafety rules. The first rule states that one should point their gunin a safe direction, away from people. The second rule advicesfirearm users to avoid touching their trigger unless they are readyto fire. Lastly, one should store a gun without bullets (NRA GunSafety Rules, 2012). Further, the NRA also believes that regulationscannot change human character defects such as mental illness. Also,other social problems lead to the occurrence of gun-related violencein America. Authorities cannot solve these problems by banning guns.As such there is a need to change the current approaches in stemminggun violence.

Researchshows that firearm ownership is not in any way, associated withcriminal violence (Association, 2012). If guns are to disappear,criminals will use other weapons such as knives. Also, manyperpetrators of crime steal firearms from other law abiding people.Alternatively, they buy guns from a citizen who is ignorant of thelaw or the temperament of the buyer. Furthermore, individuals whohave criminal records can go to black markets to buy illegal guns.Therefore, banning guns will be at the expense of good citizens.Thus, people who legally obtain guns are not violent people.

Itis sad that when individuals think of guns, they remember thenumerous school shootings that have occurred over the past decades.Those events are unfortunate. However, one should realize that inmost cases, the culprits who killed all those people did not purchasethe gun. Rather, they stole the weapons or bought it via illegalmeans. Therefore, banning weapons will not reduce crime because itwill give criminals an advantage to commit murder or steal becausethey know that people do not have guns to protect themselves. Keepingguns in the hands of civilians will be a good decision because itwill allow people to protect themselves from danger.

Additionally,many individuals believe that guns are the cause of crime and thatthey should only be put to use in war. In reality, guns should beutilized throughout the United States for the protection of civiliansand in stopping crime. Furthermore, guns can help America to winwars. If the country was invaded and the only protection that peoplehad came from the military, the risk of a complete takeover would behigher because armies cannot provide the sole defense for America.For instance, during the American Revolution, the colonists had totake up arms to themselves from the British. If such a scenariorepeats itself, people will have to defend their homes andlivelihood. People cannot fight against a great power without guns.Therefore, guns in the hands of civilians provide the United Stateswith additional defense.

Historycan teach people the importance of gun ownership by civilians.Efforts by the British to disarm the colonist militia during theinitial phases of the American Revolution resulted in protests bysettlers as they felt that such an action violates their rights asenshrined in the Blackstone summary. This declaration allowed thePatriots to form their militia laws and to maintain their right toself-defense. From the start of their colonization efforts inAmerica, the British worked towards preventing any effort by thePatriot militia to gather arms. Keeping guns away from the colonistswas important in ensuring that the civilian population remaindefenseless and under British rule.

Therefore,guns should not be banned because they allow people to defend theirlives, homes and the people that they love. Historically, guns aretools that helped early Americans to hunt, to place food on theirtable and to protect themselves from their enemies who tried to harmthem. The Government cannot take away all the guns. Guns will stillget into America through its extensive borders and criminals willaccess them. The amount of money that would go into the collection offirearms is better off spent on crime prevention activities andeducating people on how to use firearms.

Moreover,statistics show that there are over 2.5 million incidences in whichcitizens make use of guns in self-defense. The high number ofself-defense cases underscores the importance of keeping guns in thehands of people (Foundation, 2008) Other figures show that people useguns for self-defense at a rate of one in every thirteen seconds(Defensive Gun Use Statistics, 2009). As such, owning a weapon helpspeoples to protect themselves and others. John Adams, one of thefounders of modern America, held the same view and believed that gunsin the hands of people serve a crucial role in their protection. (GunQuotations of the Founding Fathers, 2005)

Therights of citizens to purchase and use guns is enshrined in thesecond amendment of the constitution. It states the government shouldform a well-regulated force to maintain law and order. The SecondAmendment adds that people should not have their arms taken away justbecause the law and order militia exists (Bill of Rights, 2013).Since the founders held the belief that people have the right to beararms, all individuals in the United States have the right to own agun. Moreover, guns can be used in sporting activities. Even thoughit is less intensive in comparison with other sports, it gives aperson boldness, enterprise and an independence of the mind. On theother hand, games that people play using balls are too violent forthe body. Also, they do not add any character on the mind. EvenThomas Jefferson held the belief that people should possess theirfirearms during walks, not as a weapon, but as a companion (GunQuotations of the Founding Fathers, 2005).

TheBill of Rights was written to provide people with a legal guaranteethat the government will not engage in overbearing attitudes. This iswhy the right to bear arms is written down in the Second Amendment tothe United States Constitution. This law gives civilians the legalbacking to protect their life, liberty, and property. Further, theSecond Amendment gives individuals the freedom to obtain their weaponof choice. However, if one chooses to exercise that right, they haveto register the firearm. America’s founders wanted Americans toprotect themselves in a lawful manner without having to depend on thegovernment for protection. When a government takes away guns fromthe hands of civilians they become slaves (Protecting our rights tokeep and bear arms, 2009).

Moreover,citizens can use their weapons to overthrow the government if itbecomes repressive. As such, gun ownership maintains a balance ofpower between people and the government since people with guns do notfear the government. The Second Amendment allows people to protectthemselves from a tyrannical government by giving them the right tobear arms. All people have the right to own handguns for the purposeof defending themselves. However, people cannot buy a fully automaticweapon. As such, civilians are limited to owning assault weapons thatfire a single shot every time the trigger is pulled.

Banningguns will not America safer because people will lack a secondarydefense. Most people rely on law enforcement agencies for protection,but they are not omnipresent. Legislation on gun ownership is awelcome act, but it should not be done with excesses. The governmentshould ensure that it keeps guns away from the hands of criminals andinsane persons rather than harassing its citizens. Since it `s hardto mop up all firearms and to prevent the proliferation of illegalones, people should have secondary protection for themselves andagainst any form of oppression


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