Gun owning

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Gunowning in the United States should not be restricted to the citizensbecause of various reasons stated in this essay. This is a law thatwas passed in the U.S constitution at the time when its people werereceiving many threats from different enemies, and therefore thegovernment saw it fit for them to protect their citizens by allowingthem to own weapons at all times. Recently, there has been anincrease in the number of gun owners due to the security threatsnoted. Most of the people buy the firearms for home protection at theback of their mind which makes when that time comes. This is becausethe gun can be the appropriate form of defense against the intrudersor attackers. However, recklessness of the owner can result to somenegative impacts such as violence and robbery that is enhanced by thegun owner. Therefore, this essay seeks to evaluate some of thepositive impacts that are a result of the right of the citizens to bearmed.

Tobegin with, being armed is a crucial measure for improving thesecurity of the nation. This is because of the fear of the terroristsregarding the security of their targets. Making this a basic rightfor the American citizens improved the quality of life for theindividuals of the United States because of the reduction in terrorattacks since most of the terrorists could be stopped before theycould complete their mission. Typically, the bottom line for this isthat ownership of the weapon instills fear among the enemies and inmost cases they choose to cancel their plans. The government chose tolegalize the ownership of weapons so that the citizens could feelsecure at all times.

Also,gun ownerships gives a person a chance to fight if a burglar findsthemselves into their house. It is evident that most of the gunowners will use the weapon for self-defense in case they are in aproblem which is an advantage for those that own guns. Typically,some people choose to store guns in their homes whiles others carrythe weapon with them but is normally advised to use it responsibly.It is easy to defend yourself effectively whenever you are underattack. It offers a great deal for security and protection for thegun owners. It allows the person to have a tool that they may use toprotect themselves when they are attacked in the streets and whenthey are at home. In the long run, the owners can protect themselvesas well as their families efficiently.


Insummary, owning a firearm is quite advantageous especially from thesecurity point of view. It improves the safety of both the owners andtheir families. However, the gun owners should use the gunsresponsibly to ensure that they do not harm innocent people sincethey will be deregistered from the ownership of the guns. Therefore,it is crucial to note that despite the advantages mentioned aboveregarding the ownership of a gun, it might be quite disadvantageousfor the owner especially if they use them irresponsibly. As a result,it is the sole responsibility of the holder of the gun to ensure thatthey do not cause violence or instill fear among other citizens.

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