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Itis evident that a physician will always portray better healthconditions than a landscaper. Though both professionals are essentialfor the welfare of the society, it is clear that the career workerswill always tend to portray their expertise in their field by leadingas an example (Davis,2013).Therefore, the physician will tend to be more vigilant on theirhealth status and wellbeing so that they can be a role model to thesociety members. On the other hand, a landscaper will have anattractive physical planning fort their premises, which indicatestheir professional abilities (Davis,2013).

Anotherreason why a physician will always be healthier than the landscaperis their proximity to the medical resources. The doctors will alwaysbe vigilant about their health as their professional skills wouldallow them to efficiently self-diagnose and take the right kinds ofprescription (Davis,2013).Also, the physicians have all the necessary knowledge about thesymptoms of various diseases, and they are better-suited to know whatillness is affecting them and the most effective medicine best knownto them. On the other hand, the landscaper may be vigilant abouttheir health conditions but are unable to effectively communicatetheir health complications to the physicians and end up obtainingineffective prescriptions and ineffective treatments (Davis,2013). Therefore, the physicians have the ability to influence the healthof the landscapers, but not the other way round.


Thetype of profession that these two individuals dwell in can affecttheir health practices. For instance, the physicians consistentlyencounter diseases and pathogens which make them develop adequatehygiene and healthy life skill that would assist them to counter theincidence of a disease (Davis,2013).On the other hand, the landscapers mainly deal with environmentalissues and limited pathogenic encounters. Hence they tend to have alower disease vigilance which increases their vulnerability todiseases (Davis,2013).Therefore in many instances, the physicians will always portraybetter health status than the landscapers.


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