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Ananesthesiologist is a physician who is trained in the area ofanesthesia as well as in the section of preoperative medicine.Therefore, in the medical field, the anesthetists engage in theprocess whereby they provide medical care to the patients especiallyin a wide array of situations in the healthcare department. In mostcases, the care that they provide to the patients is usually in acutemedical conditions. These areas include the preoperative evaluation,consultation processes and activities with the surgical team,establishment and creation of a plan to be used by the anesthesiapatient, the provision of intraoperative life support and ensuringthat there is a provision of pain control among the patients (Larry,2016). As such, anesthesiologists play a significant role in theoperation and operational processes of human patients.

Whenemployees and healthcare staff go on strike, there is a spell of doomand disaster among the patients who are scheduled to undergooperations in the hospital. In the case scenario strike of theanesthesiologists and an increasing number of patients causes abacklog in surgery processes in the healthcare systems and hospitals.The strike of the staff workers will create congestion of patientswho are ready to undergo surgery in the waiting room. Moreover, thesituation can cause worse impacts in the sense that there can be aloss of the patients’ lives, for example, those who requireimmediate surgery actions to help in improvement of their health. Theanesthesiologists will not be present to provide pain relievers tofacilitate operation, and thus these patients can die due todiscomfort or agony and deteriorating medical conditions.Furthermore, the impact will result in an increase in stress levelsamong the surgeons as they will have numerous surgeries to conduct,which might lead to medical errors.

Impactof Negative Anesthesia on Patients



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