Health information technology

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Healthinformation technology


Healthinformation technology


Inthe contemporary world, information technology and information systemhave become significant in the health care industry. The adjustmentof the new technology has been inevitable and indispensable in thehealth industry. The paper focuses on the importance of informationtechnology in a healthcare setting.

Inmy opinion, improved technology and increased use of the internet hasamplified efficiency in management and daily operations not only inthe healthcare system, but the entire business fraternity. I believethat information technology has done much more than just aid in theprotection of patients’ information and records. As a career,information technology has provided numerous job opportunities topeople in the health care setting[ CITATION Kwo13 l 1033 ].The author of the paper states the difference between informationtechnology and information systems and provides their functions inthe health care industry. Iagree that the two terms are used interchangeably, though bring outdifferent roles. Nevertheless, information technology and informationsystem form a paramount role in ensuring operational efficiency.

Theauthor has put emphasis on the importance of health informationtechnology on patients’ welfare and medical care service delivery[ CITATION Kwo13 l 1033 ].I believe that recent improvements in health information technologyhave improved the quality of services provided and increasedtreatment efficiency. The modification of technological tools hasprovided patients a use interactive and customer-focused interface inseeking medical services. In my opinion, the routine health careoperations have also improved as access to patients’ informationand records has been demystified. The author concludes that theimplementation healthinformation technology is costly due to the operational costsinvolved, such as staff training, maintenance and update, andpurchase of the respective equipment. However, the advantages ofhealth information technology outweigh the cost factor.


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