Health marketing communication strategy, outreach

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Healthmarketing communication strategy, outreach


Healthmarketing communication strategy, outreach

Thehealth care industry is undergoing a radical development regardingthe type of healthcare marketing and communication strategies[ CITATION Wym15 l 1033 ].Like any other industry, the health care industry requires vigorousmarketing and promotion business strategies so as to meet consumerdemands. Marketing has a paramount and pervasive role in promotingeffectiveness and efficiency in health care provision. A goodhealthcare marketing plan aids in understanding customer needs,various products and services available in the market, and price themappropriately[ CITATION Kot13 l 1033 ].


Thehealth care industry has faced myriad challenges in its endeavor toprovide better, quality, and efficient services. Despite being thecountry with the high-end health care system, the United States stillfaces a couple of hurdles and deficiencies. For instance, quite manyAmericans do not have health insurance, resulting in a medicalchallenge when seeking treatment[ CITATION Fot15 l 1033 ].Additionally, health care costs vary widely from an institution tothe other and so does the quality.

Growthof knowledge about health care marketing

Inthe modern world, marketing has become an important aspect of everybusiness organization in promoting its products and services.Advanced technology and the increased of the internet have led to ashift in the way organizations conduct marketing[ CITATION Gin13 l 1033 ].The health care industry has adjusted to modern marketing, thoughmedical professionals have not embracedthe entire concept, yet. Managed Care Organizations (MCO) utilizesmarketing tools to tout for their products and services to potentialcorporate employers and workers[ CITATION Kot13 l 1033 ].Also, physicians seeking to instigate a new practice use marketingconcept to determine various aspects such as an attractive office,excellent location, and set suitable prices.

Marketingand promotion of healthcare products and services are not entirelydifferent from marketing in other industries only that healthmarketers deal with changes in health behaviors rather thanpurchasing patterns[ CITATION Kot13 l 1033 ].There are a variety of marketing strategies than a healthcareinstitution could adopt so as to create product and service awarenessthe public. The focus of healthcare marketing is on building ahealthy long lasting relationship, rather than just a singletransaction[ CITATION Fot15 l 1033 ].An effective marketing strategy should always start with acomprehensive market research to identify the most promising site.


Ina health care perspective, marketing plays a significant role inensuring the public is aware of various products and servicesavailable in the market. However, before designing a marketingstrategy, there are multiple factors to be considered to guaranteeefficiency[ CITATION Kot13 l 1033 ].Healthcare marketers need to consider demographics, policies,privacy. For instance, health care providers could design productstailor made for the elderly or children. Also, government healthpolicies and regulations have a significant impact on the marketingstrategies adopted[ CITATION Fot15 l 1033 ].An alteration in health insurance regulations could sway the waypeople seek emergency care.


Knowledgeof healthcare marketing is vital in the contemporary world wherepeople have adjusted to the ever changing social and culturallifestyle. People need to understand and appreciate the differenttypes of products and services offered in various healthcareinstitutions. The knowledge helps consumers of health care productsand services choose the best and affordable product depending ontheir needs. With the improved technology and increased use of theinternet has changed the way pharmaceutical marketers do theirmarketing and promotion. Consumers need to have the privilege toaccess medical services through various platforms such as the websites and emails.


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