Health Organization Case Study for United Healthcare

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HealthOrganization Case Study for United Healthcare

HealthOrganization Case Study for United Healthcare

RichardBurke developed the United Healthcare Group in 1977. It was a majorresult of his passion and belief in the possibility to incorporatepractices that relate to superior medical practices. In addition tothis, he had the dream to establish business management practicesthat are unmatched in offering outstanding patient care. It was donewith the aim of making an improvement in the patients’ health toensure that there is a stronger healthcare system. In 1984, theUnited Healthcare group had managed to verse itself with theorganization to enable it to fulfill the demands of the residents. Bythis time, it had gone through two reorganizations. They are from theCharter Med from 1974 to 1977 into the United Health Corporation 1977to 1984 then to the present United Health Group from 1984. Theheadquarters of this corporation are located in Minnetonka inMinnesota. However, through the mission of the organization toprovide reasonable healthcare accessible to each person and assistingthem to live better lifestyles, it has developed into the singleleading carrier of healthcare within the United States (United HealthGroup, 2012). In particular, the United Health Group has supportednumerous institutions through its ability to subsidize them andhelping them to build more than 11 centers of excellence all over theworld, empowering workers in the healthcare setup and helping them toenhance the discreet areas in the profession (World HealthOrganization, 2013). Therefore, it is paramount to state that thecorporation is ready to accommodate the healthcare needs of thecitizens in the next decade. This paper will assess the strategicplan of the company, which aims at taking care of the issues thatrelate to the growth of the network, resource management, nursestaffing, and patient satisfaction that has enhanced its actionstowards growth and expansion.

Activitiesof the United Health group

Thecause and future goals of any organization are stated in its missionstatement. At the United Health group, this is stated as “Weseek to enhance the performance of the health system and improve theoverall health and well-being of the people we serve and theircommunities and will have the courage to acknowledge mistakes and dowhatever is needed to address them.”(United Health Group, 2012) Subsequently, it has been possible forthe corporation to provide excellent standards for their staff andemployees during the provision of care. Thus, they are able to upholdrelationships, compassion, integrity, performance and innovationthroughout their work.

TheUnited Healthcare Group has expanded to be among the most innovativesuppliers of healthcare solutions in the United States. Mainly, itfocuses on the idea of helping in the improvement of medicaloutcomes. At the same time, it makes an attempt to reduce the cost ofthe services provided. In particular, this has also enabled them toenhance the growth of their business, which has been able to delivera combined annual growth rate of 17 percent in the last five years.According to Michelle Fernando, who is the International RecruitmentTechnology at the United Health Group, one of the items that arealways on the top priority list of the business is the practices ofthe talent management.

Readinessby United Health Group to deal with the Health Care Needs of theCitizens in the Subsequent Decade

UnitedHealth Group works in collaboration with the prevalent networks inthe country. Together, they provide healthcare that enables theconsumer to establish meaningful connections. Also, they are able tomaintain useful consumer engagements (National Network, 2014). Thecorporation has made an effort to become a leader in the area ofhealthcare technology through its ability to encompass one of theoriginal clinical data around the globe. In this case, it is asignificant element for clinicians who use this concept to relay onthe advancing therapies that are evidence-based. It also includes theability by the clinicians to work with other pharmaceutical productsand innovations in medicine to make it possible for the patients toget help in the finest manner possible (United Health Group, 2012).It is these two major stakes and other that have led the corporationinto a valued ability to provide the kind of education that helps thecommunity to stop some of the disreputable practices through dietaryremedy and regimens that provide active lifestyles. One of these isthe Community-based Diabetes Control program that offers a guide topatients to manage their diabetes and stop the associated problems.

AStrategic Plan that Tackles the Matters Concerning the Growth ofNetworks, Staffing of Nurses, Patient Satisfaction ResourceManagement

TheUnited Health Group Corporation has managed to establish aninnovative Centre for Nursing Advancement or CAN in 2008. In thissense, it provides support for nurses by engaging them in activitiesthat include training, mentoring and teaching that make it possiblefor them to overcome the challenges that they encounter in thenursing profession while providing the high standard of care. Theyalso get some of the benefits that help to overcome the fatigue thatis experienced within the nursing profession. They includecompetitive benefits, elasticity in the timetable, bonuses, privatelodgings and travel disbursement. In essence, they serve asmotivations for the employees and help to remove the crisis thatemerges due to high operating costs for the nurses. In this sense,they are benefits that overpower the concerns of nurses regardingfatigue. For this reason, there will be a quick turnaround in theretention of nurses (Centre for Nursing Engagement, 2013). Thiscenter will act in support of the focus by the United heal Group toprovide strategies that offer nurse engagement as well as thecoaching, mentoring and training to the professionals in nursing.

Amongthe key foundations of an enterprise are vigorous fiscal backing andthe presence of competent supervision. With these, it is possible toremove the common doubts of the availability of flimsy facilities tooffer patient care, inefficient management team and the instabilityof the economy on the part of the enterprise resources management.The United Healthcare Group includes data on its website to enabledifferent groups to view the present healthcare problems and thewellness programs, medical subjects that are available, their costeffective measures taken in relation to the products, plans, andservices in healthcare. In essence, it is the strategic plan that isdeveloped to enhance patient satisfaction. It is an indication thatthe corporation is aware of the measures of patient satisfaction inthe medical field that significantly contribute to the growth of thehospital (United Health Group, 2012). The outcome obtained can beapplied in diverse ways to establish what should be enhanced andthose activities that should be continually implemented to ascertainthat exceptional care is provided for the patients.


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