Heroin and Opioids Addiction

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Heroinand Opioids Addiction

Heroinand Opioids Addiction

Theprescription of opioids eliminated pain efficiently and was oncesuited to be taken by patients with constant pain. However, over thelast five years, many patients across the state abandon theprescribed way of taking opioids and turn over to the leaf of abusingthe opioids. When abused, opioids cause severe respirationaldepression that succumbs the user to death. The complicatedrespiration problems affect the oxygen supply to the brain, leadingto hypoxia. Hypoxia has long-term effects such as coma and permanentbrain damage. Heroine is the most common used among the opioids, withover 4.2 million Americans in 2011 aged twelve and above having anincident of heroin usage in their lives (Volkow, 2014). Moreover, thewrongful usage of the opioids in the nation has been a leading causeof unprecedented deaths from the abusers. The year 2010 had a fiftypercent increase in the number of fatalities from overdose opioidsusage compared to the deaths in the early 2000s (Volkow, 2014).

Somestrategies exist to prevent the increasing number of fatalities fromthe wrongful usage of opioids. Among them is supporting and educatinghealth service providers on the potential risks resulting from thesevere pain medications that will lower the risks of prescribingopioid usage, possible compulsion, and the potential diversion. It isrecommended that the health service providers reduce the utilizationservices associated with direct usage of opioids. Availingprescription monitoring programs on data collection across stateswill avail a chance to know the levels of opioids held within anyhealth facility. An additional option to counter the problem isreferring the patients to multidisciplinary pain management programsto seek alternative solutions to pain that do not utilize opioids.


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Overdosedeaths from prescription opioids have quadrupled over the lastdecade. Surprisingly

enough,so has the number of sales for the prescription drugs in the nation.Despite the rising

Fatalitiesfrom the pain prescription drugs, no active countermeasures are inplace to curb the menace. The prescription of opioids for severe painmanagement has been the leading cause of dependency on the drugs. Thepatients shift from taking the drugs as prescribed and get toaddiction levels. Apart from the fatalities, the wrongful usage ofthe opioids has proven to cause grave body complications among theusers. Hence, it is now a global issue that interested parties haveto tackle head on with few resources and knowledge. The problem liesin that there is no clear avenue of what to turn to for the painprescription, and there is no solid way to handle the alreadyaddicted patients. Amid the globalization and deep research into thetopic, the problem remains not only a medical dilemma but also onethat degrades the social and economic developments of the nation.Should clear and robust approaches towards the problem linger absent,the prescription drugs will end up being the leading source of deathsglobally.

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