High on Cocaine

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Highon Cocaine

Highon Cocaine

of what has been learned from the Video

Thevideo has been of great importance in creating awareness aboutcocaine and its effects. To begin with, it highlights the seriousnessposed by the drug regarding the level of addiction it has caused tothe numerous users. On top of that, the video provides clearinformation on how the drug begins to take effect on the consumer’sbody from when they start taking it, the reactions that it comesalong with and the different organs that primarily get affected inthe process. Also, the video documents both behavioral andpsychological effects that can aid in establishing those individualsthat are hooked into Cocaine. Lastly, the video also highlights theefforts which the government is putting in place to combat theillegal trade of the substance to eliminate the impact that it causesto the victims and the society in general (Bauman &amp DiDomenico,2002).


Theinformation will help me understand to a greater extent how victimsof cocaine behave and react to certain situations, and I will,therefore, be in a position to handle them better. I will now be in abetter position to approach and educate them on the serious healthimplications that the drug poses to them. Additionally, long-termeffects of the drug could also be put across to them. Finally, itwill help me come up with better sensitization methods which willhelp clients to reform and adopt better lifestyles to avoid futureconsequences and pass on the message to others with an ultimate goalof reducing the number of users of the drug (&quotDrugged: High OnCocaine_Documentary – Video Dailymotion&quot, 2016).


Theinformation would be helpful in having an apparent perspective of theuser’s experiences. The information will help me understand thesense of the reactions that take place in the victim’s body whiletaking the substance and the various processes which occur before thefinal results manifest. Moreover, the information will help meunderstand to a greater extent some of the experiences which thecocaine victims go through, such as addiction and why it occurs. Thisinformation will probably help me unearth new solutions to theseparticular problems (&quotDrugged: High On Cocaine_Documentary -Video Dailymotion&quot, 2016).


BaumanJL, DiDomenico RJ (2002): Cocaine-induced channelopathies: Emergingevidence on the multiple mechanisms of sudden death. Journal ofCardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 7: 195-202.

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