How Does Dumont Present Himself as a Military Leader of the Metis?

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HowDoes Dumont Present Himself as a Military Leader of the Metis?

Howdoes Dumont Present himself as a Military Leader of the Metis?

GabrielDumont, a renowned leader of the Métis people of currently WesternCanada, was born on December 1, 1837, and died on May 19, 1906. In1873, he was elected president of the province of Laurent. However,he is mostly renowned for leading the 1885 North West Resistance thatwas aimed at protesting the mistreatment of the Métis people by theCanadian authorities additionally, he wanted the Métis culturalheritage to be acknowledged and respected by the government.Intrinsically, Dumont spent most of his life fighting for the rightsand culture of the Métis to be acknowledged by the Canadianauthorities notably, his role in this agenda was mostly militaryrelated.

Inprinciple, Dumont demonstrated facets of a true military leader ofthe Métis in several ways. As a general of the Métis resistance,he engineered a victory at the Battle of Fish Creek and managed toresist a larger enemy force impressively at the Battle of Batoche forseveral days. Besides, he proved to be a military strategist byfacilitating the return of Louis Riel he understood that Riel wasinfluential among the Métis populace, and would be effective atmobilizing the resistance against Canadian authorities. Besides,Dumont’s ideas as general of the Métis resistance show that he wasindeed a true military genius for instance, he suggested uprootingthe railway in a bid to cripple the Canadian forces. However, Rielrejected this idea, which gave the Canadian authorities leverage overthe Métis. Overall, Dumont was a real military leader because he waslargely responsible for the successes of the Métis army. In essence,his generalship and strategic military ideas were vital for thelong-lived Métis resistance.

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