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HumanResource Management

HumanResource Management


Yes,the president of Caritas Christi Health Care should be fired.However, the employment termination process should be carefullyexecuted to ensure that there are no legal fallbacks on the companydue to unfair treatment of an employee. Although he defends himselfby saying that his gestures are just but honest reflections of hisbackground culture, the number of women (10) who have complained ofsexual harassment is overwhelming (Case Study). Based on theorganization’s policy, he should have been warned many times whenthe initial complaints were forwarded. But the fact that more womencontinued to complain means that he chose to ignore such warnings,and, therefore, his employment should be terminated to serve as astern warning to other people with the same kind of demeanor.


Dealingwith sexual harassment cases has often been considered verycomplicated affairs. The main reason why this is so is that there areno specific guidelines for evaluating all complaints. Instead,evaluation has to be done on a case by case basis whereby the factsof each case are individually examined and acted upon. Also, sexualharassment complaints are always accompanied with very few, orlittle, witnesses reducing the determination of the cases to be basedon the credibility of either the accuser or the accused. Such anapproach is difficult and complicated to handle.


Consistencyin handling sexual harassment cases is vital. The manner in whichclaims of sexual harassment are investigated, and the severity of theimposed actions have always been a source of considerablecontroversy. There have been increasing complaints of discriminationamong employees when it comes to such cases. Therefore, to avoid suchbacklash or legal consequences, it is important to maintainconsistency and ensure that no employee is treated differently whenhandling sexual harassment claims.


CaseStudy. ApplicationCase 3-1: Sexual Harassment Cases Are Becoming More Complex..

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