Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly End Block

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HydraulicCylinder Assembly End Block

HydraulicCylinder Assembly End Block


Businessesidentify a specific problem in the market and they define a solutionthat attracts demand. On this context, the introduction of thehydraulic cylinder assembly end block is an ideal product that solvesa problem that many people in Juarez face. Nonetheless, for theenterprise to be successful there is a need to identify criticalaspects that may affect the continuity of the business. For instance,there is a need for a study, aligning operations, identification ofthe distributors and suppliers, deployment of quality staff, as wellas conducting a pilot project. Additionally, it is necessary toidentify various technologies that will enhance efficiency indelivery and supply of the parts to the market. Besides, it is vitalto focus on the margins so that the company does not run into lossesin the initial stages as this could halt growth.

Theessence of a business is to make profits for the stakeholder whilealso providing reputable goods and services to the customers.Ideally, the main corporate objective is to create a sustainable andcontinuous business that will continue to grow to cover theidentified market. Thus, there is a need to consider the qualityversus costs such that the profitability margins are considerable forthe continuity of the enterprise. Imperatively, the choice for Juarezin Mexico is ideal to achieve the goals of the institution since themarket has not been explored by other producers. For instance, thepurchase price of the parts is estimated at $ 9.75 for each of the20, 000 parts per year and the company may need to make a suitableprofitability. Thus, additional $ 8 is appropriate as this will caterfor overhead costs and profitability. However, there may be astrategic alliance to outsource the production so that the purchaseprice reduces significantly, and this will attain additionalprofitability.

Beforethe inception of the products in the market, the producers have tostudy the market and provide critical perspectives that they can useto ensure periodic progress. For instance, there is a need toidentify the areas that may have a high demand such as the urbanareas. Accordingly, the internal examination of the company denotesthat the team deployed in the area has the favorable qualities suchthat language barrier will not affect the business. The externalanalysis shows that the area records significant growth, and thisextends the customer base. Nonetheless, during the pilot stage ofimplementation, the management has made visits to the productionplants to confirm the quality of the products and identified thevarious distribution channels that are effective. Besides, themanagement reviews the basic financials such as acceptability of thepricing and incepts quality measures to ensure the products are inaccordance with the expectations of the clients. More so, theoutsourcing for technology that helps to run operations is an idealstrategy that limits delays and offers just-in-time delivery ofproducts for the people in need.

Thesupply of raw materials and inventory is crucial to this business asit can affect the availability of products in the market at alltimes. Thus, the inquest into the capacity of production, themachinery, labor, and knowledge is an aspect that the leadersconsider crucial. In particular, they have to test these capabilitiessuch that if there is an increase in demand such that 30, 000 partsare required per year, the firm should deliver them. The stores`department considers the warehouse as an important point of thebusiness as it should secure the parts without any breakages.Consequently, the firm identifies that it may sell over 20, 000 partsper year and they will be shipped in accordance with the demand.However, provisions for additional parts can be made so that theycoincide with the market needs. The purchase of the products will beprofessional such that the prices have minimal variance and awarranty of six months is given to clients.

Ina bid to achieve a niche market, it is critical for the leadership toconsider catalogues that quote the price, discounts, terms andconditions, as well as the procedure in case of a complaint to thefirm. Apparently, before the business starts operations, there is aneed to identify a reputable supplier that has been in the market fora specified period. Since they have experience and have knowledge ofthe market, they can help the company to achieve the strategic goals.After the industry analysis, market study, identification ofsuppliers, deployment of employees, supplies and inventory, as wellas the pilot project, the firm starts to approach the market to sellthe products. However, the management has to consider any issues andcomplaints that emerge so that they can solve them immediately.Without this, the market may have a negative perception of theproduct and this can be consequential to business development

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