Identify a research topic involving a Gender issue that you would like to research.

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  1. Identify a research topic involving a Gender issue that you would like to research.

Thetopic that I would like to research on is drug abuse among theteenagers and those that have entered young adulthood.

  1. Explain why this particular topic interests you.

Mostof the teenagers who are in the adolescent stage are exposed to thedangers of drug abuse. Some of the driving factors that move them toimmerse in drug abuse mostly are attributed to both predictable andunpredictable life events that occur at the human developmental andlife transitions. Both these life stages are very critical for theyform the basis of the future life of a person. Peer pressure amongthe youth is one of the major factors that are known to drive youthinto taking drugs. Some of them come from wealthy background andthus have unlimited access to the money needed to purchase thesedrugs like the marijuana and pot which are quite the norm of theteenagers in the high school and colleges. The young person’s abusedrugs just because their friends are taking them and they simply wantto try what their friends are doing.

Someof them abuse drugs in the name of being cool and associating withthe rich folk. Since most of them want to have high social ranksamong their peers they try every drug in the market and thus thisreally affects them both physically and mentally which in returndeals a major blow to their future lives. Most of these drugs arequite addictive and once they are addicted it is hard to break fromsuch bondage. This may lead them to turn to dangerous activities likegangster life in order to fund their ever rising demand to quenchtheir drug escapades. There have being numerous cases of teenagerswho have being raped and others brutally abused due to the influenceof drug abuse. Some of them even engage in the drug selling businessas a way out in finding money for their fantasies.

Drugabuse has major effects that include poor judgement and at most casesit may lead to making poor decisions. Some of the teenagers who comefrom strict families find it easy to run away from home and seekrefuge in their less strict friends’ homes. From there they thinkthey have all the freedom they want to try everything from drugtaking to partying. At the end they may feel lonely and veryneglected for they lack a father and mother figure to show them theway. This is very traumatizing and at most cases it leads to hate andrecklessness, low self-esteem, violence, stress et cetera.

Anotherfactor that leads to drug abuse by the teenagers is the fact thatthey learn from the elderly. Some of the parents are drug addicts andfrom their unchecked habits the young ones learn from them. A goodexample could be drawn from the wealthy folk who have a bar in theirmansions while even the less fortunate may have drugs like alcoholand cigarettes in their homes. The teenagers being the curious kindthey are, they tend to experiment and try out what they see beingdone by their superiors. Thus they immerse in the dangerous world ofdrug abuse. Most of the drug cartels sell their merchandise toteenagers and the youth in their young adulthood for they are a realcatch for the products.

Emotionalstress greatly contributes to taking of drugs for most of theteenagers and youth are currently engaging in premature relationshipswhich are full of heart breaks. The female gender is the mostaffected. Emotional stress can also be as a result of unpredictivelife events like the change into young adulthood whereby some of thethings change like moving out of the parent’s house and going tocollege. That transition can be quite emotional for the youngunprepared youth. They are really stressed out and because of thisthey tend to turn to drugs as their consolation. Others are justoverwhelmed by the fact that they are now in campus where they get totry everything without reprimand from their elders. They believe thatby taking drugs they will forget their sorrows and move on. Thoughsome of the people still believe that this technique works, throughthis research maybe I will earn from the target persons if it reallyis true. The internet is another factor that contributes to drugabuse by the youth. The platform has many influences that have anegative impact on the curious youth who want to try what they seebeing done. Some of the movies and music like hip hop are full ofdrug taking which exposes the growing youth to start taking drugs.This research would be really helpful in analyzing and finding a wayof helping the teenagers and those entering young adulthood.

Mentallyill teens and youth are mostly associated with drug abuse. Theyimmerse themselves in the abuse of drugs when they thing that it isthe only thing that keeps them sane. Most of them turn to drugs whenthey want to cope with the pain that is associated with their illnesswhile others have no one to control them. For others is associatedwith their genes that makes them susceptible to addiction of drugsand mental illness. Some of the drugs taken have seriousrepercussions that can induce mental illness. Some of the drugsinclude cocaine, crystal meth and heroine.

Someof the youth cannot make their own decisions without having to beinfluenced by a stimulant. These traits lead one to take drugs inorder to be able to access the problems and conflicts present inorder to make good judgement and sound ideas. These youths have amajor problem for they need drugs to do everything which is veryaddictive and can be traumatizing in cases where the drugs are notavailable. Such teens are quite high tempers thus very violent. Theyare mostly controlled by the drugs and hence their self-control isvery low. Their social cocoon is small for they lack many friends.They tend to turn to drugs to make them feel better.

Anotherfactor that has greatly lent to drug abuse by the young people isneglect by their parents or their mentors and thus they tend to turnto drugs. Parental guidance is very helpful in the life of youngpeople for it shapes them mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whenone lacks parental support and guidance, they are exposed to drugabuse and thus they easily immerse to the world of drugs. Parentsshould be able to look after their children even when they are overeighteen for they are in danger of being addicted to drug andsubstance use. When I was growing up I did not communicate much withmy parents and this really messed me up to the point of taking drugs.Most of the children that do not have a strong communication channelwith their parents tend to feel out of place as though they are notloved and this can lead to drug abuse. Young people especially thefirstborns, when there is an introduction of another sibling in thehouse, they tend to feel less loved and thus they adopt bad habitsthat are mostly associated with drug and substance use. If parentsshow concern they are more likely to be able to control theirchildren hence avoid drugs.

Lookingat other factors that may contribute to drug abuse among the youth istoo much freedom. Once young people perceive that they are free to dowhat they want, they will try taking drugs for no one is monitoringwhat they are doing and this can lead to drug and substance use.Mostly this will happen when they associate with their friends anddue to unsupervised freedom, they will with no doubt fall in fordrugs. This research will focus on the parents who check in to seewhat their children are doing and the company they keep. Theenvironment that the young people grow up in greatly influences theway they live and the things they do. Growing up in an environmentwhich is over bearing can cause stress in the life of a young personand this can cause them to turn into drugs. Poverty can cause one toturn into drugs as a way out of curbing the misery of being from apoor background especially for the young people who do not understandthe situation.

Someof the teenagers are misguided into using drugs in an attempt toenhance their performance both in the sports and academic area.Others use these drugs for shape up especially the boys who want togreatly enhance the muscle ton of their bodies. They only think onthe physical outcome of the drugs but overlook the negative sides forthey only want to look good. The dangers associated with these drugsare of high degree and can affect them mentally. If all the otherfactors are present, the teens will definitely be in a danger toexposure of drugs for they want to fit in. sometimes, the youngpeople do not want to tire to get what they want hence they prefer touse things like drugs to help speed up the processes. Other are justseeking to get thrilled up and thus drugs come in handy for suchtendencies.

Youngpeople are facing a rea threat in drug and substance use and thisresearch will cover most of the factors that contribute to drugabuse. Low self-worthy among the young people is a great contributorto them taking drugs. Thus parents ought to be on the look-out forthe young people and guide them on the right path to avoid themfalling for drugs.

  1. Frame a research question that addresses this topic (one sentence, single space, on a separate page).

Whatare the major factors contributing to drug abuse among the youth?

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