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Particular enzymes are used to decrease the activation energy forparticular reactions. Enzymes are the combination of amino acid chainwith particular shapes. They have a “lock” and a “key” fitaccording to their shape enzymes will combine or lock with thesubstrate (reactants of chemical reaction).they are used to find therate of reaction in less time with more ease. Catalyze enzymes arefound from yeast and all other organisms which use oxygen for theirmetabolic processes. One of the important use of catalase is toeliminate toxic from hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)in cells and convert or break it into water(H2O)and molecular hydrogen (H2).Hydrogen peroxide are waste product, released during the cellular ormetabolic processes.


Factors On Which Enzymes Lab Improvement Depend

There are different factors on which enzymes lab improvement dependssuch as, temperature , pH and also the concentration of the enzymesand substrate (reactants of chemical reaction) used in the chemicalreaction and they also effect on the activity of enzymes.

We can improve the enzymes lab by changing the factors effect onenzymes.


As temperature increases the activity of enzymes increases inchemical reaction which results decrease in activation energy andincrease in rate of reaction so that we can easily find rate ofchemical reaction with less time.


pH affects the activity of enzymes, every enzymes need optimum valueof pH, very high and low values of pH affects very badly on someenzymes where the enzymes become unstable and loss all its activity.So, for better result pH of enzyme will be optimum

Enzyme Concentration

If we want to increase the enzyme concentration we need to have anexcessive amount of substrate (reactants of chemical reaction) so theproduct will form in a particular time and depend on enzymeconcentration not substrate concentration. This is also called “zeroorder” reaction because its only depend onenzyme concentration not substrate concentration (Bisswanger,2016, p.n.d).


If the enzymes are used under low temperature the rate of reactionwill decreased and the reaction will take more time to accomplish.Similarly, if the pH of enzyme will not optimum this will deactivatethe activity of enzyme.


The enzymes will required certain environmental conditions alsocertain amount of pH values, enzyme concentration etc to workproperly in a chemical reaction so we will get our desired result inless time.


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