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BestBuy Store is an international company in America that deals withelectronics such as laptops, cell phones, and screens. The companyalso has online buying options where one can buy an item, and it isthen shipped to an address in America. The different number ofelectronics from various businesses that the company deals with hasawarded Best Buy popularity over the years. It is also a convenientcompany to buy from, as their products are original, durable and havewarranty. These are all qualities that attract its customers and makesome of us keep coming back. The store also has an online platformwhere customers can just buy the products from anywhere then pickthem up from an American address.

BestBuy Store has branches in areas like Canada and Mexico to increaseits accessibility to customers. It also has experienced salespersons,some of whom are employed by the Best Buy Company itself while othersare from the companies whose products they are promoting. Thesefactors increase the authenticity of the information given to willingbuyers about particular products. The company is recognized in manyAmerican countries for their dependability and fair prices. I wentshopping at the Best Buy Store for a Samsung Smart TV hoping to get agood machine at a reasonable price. I had an enjoyable experience atthe Best Buy store and learned a lot about electronics and the reasonwhy most customers like the company.

WhenI went to purchase a TV screen at Best Buy stores, there was a malesales person who politely greeted me at the entrance. I went roundthe store to have an idea of the various types of screens they have.I already understood the kind of screen I wanted, but I was not sureabout the specifics. The screens differed with regard to pixelquality, size, company, and price.

Thesales person was very qualified in what he did. He knew a lot aboutthe screens and the different types of companies. He asked me what Iwas looking for and I replied that I was looking for a smart screenLED TV. His confidence in the way he understood each aspect of everyscreen impressed me. I felt that I could trust his opinion and theinformation that he gave me. More to this, he also gave me a brochureto look at before determining the type of screen I wanted. The BestBuy flyer had different screens from different companies at differentprices.

Aswe moved from one screen to another, he would vividly explain thedifferences between the monitors of various companies. He also wentahead to describe the differences in various TV monitors that werefrom the same company. I was mostly interested in Samsung screens asI have always been a loyal Samsung customer. Having made that clear,he asked me the size of screen I wanted to buy. I informed him that Iwanted a screen that was somewhere between a 45 inch and a 50-inchdisplay. He was keen to guide me on the different types of Samsungscreens that were available within my range explaining to me theadvantages of each. For every question I asked, he gave a satisfyinganswer, and by the end of our interaction, I was confident in the TVthat I chose.

Iliked what he did regarding giving clear information about theproducts and not withholding information about the negative aspectsof some television screens as some salespeople would do. I had beenclear that I wanted the best even though it meant coughing up moremoney. I was also sure that I wanted a Samsung TV that was black andsomewhere between 45-55 inches. At this point, he informed me thatthey had a 49 inch and a 55 inch Class Smart LED TV that was 2160pixels and 4K Ultra High Definition with Dynamic Range.

Themajor factors that influenced my buying decision were not just thehype in the market about Best Buy but also the confidence of the BestBuy employee in the products that he was marketing. His vastknowledge on the different screens they sell was impressive(Twing-Kwong et al., 2013). His willingness to help and his patienceas I chose the screen I wanted to buy made me feel that I was not ina rush to make a decision. It felt like I had my personal guide on atour as he did not have to keep moving from me to attend to othercustomers. Several employees at Best Buy were each eager to help anycustomer coming in.

BestBuy is also a well-arranged place with each company’s productsarranged together. This made it easy to move from one point ofelectronics to another with different electronic products. Theirprices were also affordable which made me feel that I was notsplurging for a TV screen. The fact that they had variety made mefeel that the company understands how customers can differ in tastes.Hence, they have something for everyone. I saw other electronicssuch as a fridge and blenders, which I remembered I needed to buy.

Thefeeling that they have variety influenced my decision of buying, asthis made Best Buy appear reliable. However, the most impressive partwas the sales person and the way he did not tire from explaining tome about the different screens available at the store. He appeared tobe enjoying his work. He did not appear focused on gearing me towardbuying the most expensive product they had. The sales person simplyexplained the advantages and the differences between the variousscreens they had and left me to reach the decision on my own.

Anotherinfluence on my buying decision was their transportation services toan address of my liking within America. This made me confident enoughto go with the 55 inch TV 4K screen, as I knew that it would arrivesafely. It was impressive to learn just how good the smart TV was andto understand that I could use it for a long time before having tobuy a different screen to keep up with the technology. The salesperson indirectly influenced my purchasing decision by giving meinformation on the various screens they had. This enabled me to gowith the best TV screen they had from the Samsung Company.

BestBuy stores have multiple marketing channels. One of the keymarketing channels that Best Buy uses at their stores is displayadvertising (Mallen, 2013). The company has capitalized on displaymarketing to attract more customers and increase their profits. Asmentioned earlier, the display of each of the company’s productsthey had within their stores was excellent. It was helpful in viewingproducts from different companies and finding out if there were anynew products from various companies. Their display was impressive.They had banners beside various goods and the ones that they neededto advertise some more. This show would make one learn about otherproducts that they can come for later.

Theother marketing channel is their sales persons. They employ peoplewho have proper people skills and marketing skills. They understandhow to interact with the customers and are people who can listen forwhat the client is looking for. Best Buy has employees who know theirproducts and not just people who are hired to earn a salary. Forinstance, while I was looking for a Samsung screen, the salespersonpatiently explained to me the different products they had includingthose from new companies that were similar but cheaper to Samsungproducts. After touring the side of these products, even though Ibought a Samsung screen, I was enlightened about a new company thatmanufactures electronic products. As the sales persons promote theseproducts, they make sure they thoroughly understand the qualities ofeach of them and know the language to use in order to entice theclient to purchase goods from Best Buy. In my case, the sales personmight not have directly asked me to buy a particular type of TVscreen. Instead, he made sure he gave me information about thevarious screens available and put forth the advantages of the bestscreens in a more attractive manner. Therefore, even though it was mydecision to by the 55 inch Class Smart LED TV that was 2160 pixelsand 4K Ultra High Definition with Dynamic Range, it was also after alot of positive information about this particular make of TV screenfrom the salesperson.

Theprimary marketing channel used by Best Buy is the retailer tocustomer channel. The company gets their products directly from thecompany then sells these products to the consumers. It is higherprofits for them but also enables them to sell their products to thecustomers at a lower price hence beating the competition in themarket. This is why I was able to buy my Samsung Smart Led TV fromthem at an affordable price, unlike other retail stores. Theircustomer services are on a point, which is another factor thatmotivated me to buy from them.

Theother marketing strategy used by Best Buy is online marketing. Theyhave an online shop where one can easily buy their products as wellas online marketing platforms such as social media via Facebook. Suchtechniques have enabled the company to remain among the top companiesselling electronics in America. Being in a digital era of socialmedia, the company has managed to keep up with the technology andtrends in advertising platforms. Most people will discover about thecompany online then go to buy the products physically at the Best Buystores. Here, they are able to learn about more of their products indetail from the sales persons available. These customers can alsodiscover new companies whose products are being sold at these storesas well. The popularity of the company then keeps growing as morepeople learn about their products online and manage to interact withtheir reliable salespersons. Despite their lower prices, their storesare also easier to access for those who do not wish to online. Thecompany finds ways to engage with their customers and understand whattheir customers need from skilled sale persons who deliver(Krisnawati et al., 2015) which encourages the customer to keepshopping from them.

Inconclusion, I was impressed with the sales person at Best Buy store.He was very helpful and made me feel that I was shopping at a placewhere my needs were taken into consideration. The professionalism oftheir sales person as well as his knowledge of the different productson the market gave me the confidence to believe what he was saying.It always feels good when a salesperson does not just focus on makingyou buy the most expensive product they have.Itfeels even better when one is provided with information about a givenitem because the final decision on whether to buy the product or notrests on the buyer based on their needs and ability. This is why itis easy to keep returning to Best Buy stores to buy their products.The company also uses marketing channels that are beneficial to theclient as well. All these factors make Best Buy a reliable store thatcares about the needs of their customers.


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