Inflammatory Case Study

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InflammatoryCase Study

Fromthe case study, we see a woman with osteoarthritis. This patient willneed some drug prescription. Before administration, it is importantto consider first line, second line and third line therapies forprescription of a drug which will enable usable to prescribe the bestmedication to the patient.

Thefirst line therapy is the initial medicament done in the treatment ofa disease. This form of treatment is highly recommended due tosafety, efficacy, and disease-retarding effects[ CITATION Bru16 l 1033 ]. The first line treatment of osteoarthritis uses acetaminophen drugslike Panadol. These drugs relieve the pain but do not reduce theinflammation.

Thesecond line therapy is applied if the first line therapy fails. Drugsused at this stage have serious side effects to a patient, such asthe risk of heart attack. Before proceeding to second line therapy,first, a physician will assess the cause of failure of the initialtreatment[ CITATION Bru16 l 1033 ].In the treatment of osteoarthritis, one can use Non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs at this stage.

Ifthe first line and the second line therapies fail or stop working, aphysician will use third line therapy. In the treatment ofosteoarthritis third line therapy is applied when a patient cannottolerate the pain anymore despite previous treatment. The step usesdrugs like non-opioid and opioid analgesics. These drugs have manyside effects and can be addictive[ CITATION Cho15 l 1033 ].

Asa physician, I would recommend Ibuprofen, a non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drug to relieve the pain and eliminate theinflammation. The drug is the best in this condition because if usedat the right dose it will cause minimal side effects. In conclusion,every physician should make a proper decision before applying thefirst line, second line or third line therapy in drugrecommendations.


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