Information Technology Solution-Stimson Brothers Construction

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InformationTechnology Solution-StimsonBrothers Construction

InformationTechnology Solution-Stimson Brothers Construction

Informationtechnology is the use of computers and the Internet to store,retrieve, and transmit data. The technology also enhancesmanipulation of raw data into information that is used in variouscontexts. In the advent of new technology, storage and disseminationof information has become easier due to the use of various tools(Bloom,Sadun, &amp 2014).Moreover, the technology has enhanced communication by ensuringreal-time delivery of information. Most organizations haveimplemented the use of information technology in their dailyactivities, which has eased their operations. Additionally, the useof these technologies is effective and ensures accuracy in theaccomplishment of different tasks.Stimson Brothers Construction manages numerous rental propertiesusing the manual system of operations whereby they utilize paperwork.The method has led to various inconveniences due to misplacement ofcrucial client documents. This paper will analyze the IT solutionsthat can be implemented by Stimson Brothers Construction to enhanceefficiency.

Inprinciple, the maintenance of numerous records through paperwork ishectic due to the bulkiness of the information. Moreover, retrievalof such information becomes hard as an individual cannot traceimportant documents once they are required. The current situation atStimson Brothers Construction is defective due to the adverse effectsthat are brought about by the manual system of maintaining documents.Primarily, the paper work is huge and most of the organizationalprocesses such as the issuance of notices and acknowledgment ofpayment are poor, thus resulting in disputes with the clients often.In this case, the system can lead to customer dissatisfaction due toits inefficiency (Bratton, &amp Gold, 2012). In a bid to enhancecustomer service at the organization, there is a need to implement aninformation technology system that will help solve the problems athand. In attaining that course, different items and resources arerequired.

Essentially,implementation of IT requires the acquisition of special equipment,for example, the hardware and software components (Wagner, Beimborn,&amp Weitzel, 2014). Hardware equipment is peripheral devices thatare used to support the use of information technology inaccomplishing various tasks. They are physical devices thus, aretangible. They include monitors, processors, keyboard, mouseprinters, scanners, hard drive, and routers among others. On theother hand, software components are programs installed in thecomputer devices to enhance completion of different commands andtasks. They are intangible and include the operating system, as wellas application programs such as word processing and web browsing.Ideally, both the hardware and software components are interconnectedand depend on each other to accomplish various tasks. StimsonBrothers Construction ought to acquire the above equipment to enhanceutilization of IT in their operations. Moreover, they will need tohire an information technology expert to install the system and trainsome employees on it functions.

Afterthe acquisition and installation of the devices, the organization’sdata found in paperwork ought to be transferred to the system. Datais crucial for any information that may be presented and need to bekept safely to ensure that any user benefits from everything storedin the IT devices. Moreover, storage of such information in thedevices enables quick retrieval when they are required. It isessential to access any information stored in the system to enhancecustomer service and timely decision-making. The information isstored in an organized manner usually referred to as a database.Thus, a server would be necessary to store the records in thedatabase and enhance their accessibility from any device as long asthey are interconnected (Kalra&amp Sood, 2015).For instance, an accountant can access data on due payments fromhis/her personal computer and the receptionist can also access thesame data from their computer. This will enhance efficiency at theorganization, prompt retrieval, and dissemination of informationacross relevant stakeholders in the firm.

StimsonBrothers Construction holds different categories of information thatrange from employees, renters, customers (for custom built homes orother construction jobs), to rental property among others. Thisinformation requires to be grouped in different categories (in adatabase) in the system to avoid confusion. Through utilizingappropriate application programs such as Excel, the information canbe organized in tables. Databases organize information in a mannerthat it will be quick for a computer program to select the desiredrecords. Moreover, it will attain efficiency in the completion ofvarious tasks. Information stored in the database requires to bealtered at some point in time. The amendment of folder information isenhanced by a database management system, which provides a systematicway to create, retrieve, update, and manage information. Therefore,it would be necessary for Stimson Brothers Construction to acquiredatabase management software to enhance their services.

TheInternet is a global system of interconnected computer networks thatlinks multiple devices all over the world. The system is used totransmit information resources to different people around the worldand does so in real time (Meltzer,2015).Intrinsically, the system enhances information sharing amongdifferent people across the globe despite their distant locations.Similarly, the Internet will enhance communication in SimpsonBrothers business whereby crucial information will be disseminatedacross the firm and different stakeholders within a short time usingonline connections. This will enhance service delivery and customerservice (Venkatesh,Thong &amp Xu, 2012).Moreover, the cost of operation will be minimized by elimination ofutility expenses such as printing costs since documentswill be scanned hence, all paperwork will be converted intoe-documents. Besides, retrieval and storage of documents in that formwill be quicker and easier. What is more, the organization can createa website where they will be posting various company information,advertise, and provide online education to their clients through thehelp of the Internet.

Ina bid to ensure that the new IT system is beneficial to SimpsonsBrothers Company, necessary training sessions are crucial toguarantee that employees can run the database and retrieveinformation (Gupta, 2012). Due to the prevalence of the manualsystem, the organization’s operation may render some of theemployees hesitant to embrace the new technology due to lack offamiliarity. In this case, the firm`s management should ensure thatproper orientation of the new system is put in place to ensure thatemployees perceive it positively. Operating and maintaining such asystem would require the skills of an expert thus, the organizationshould ensure they hire an IT specialist to provide guidance.Moreover, the presence of such an expert will enable staff members toseek assistance where necessary.

Inconclusion, there is dire need for Simpson Brothers Construction toadopt an IT system to enhance efficiency in their operations.Implementation of an IT system requires investment in the acquisitionof necessary facilities that include hardware and software. Moreover,recruitment of an IT specialist will be crucial in addition totraining staff members to embrace the new technology. Such a movewill ease the company’s operations, as well as enhance its customerservice for better returns.


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