Inquiring from the Inside

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Inquiringfrom the Inside

Inquiringfrom the Inside

Question2: Select an action taken by management. What were the outcomes ofthat action? What did your fellow staff say about it? Were therestrong feelings expressed? What does it tell you about theorganization?

MMCAfrica is a law firm that is located in the western part of theKenyan capital, Nairobi. It is a popular firm with a large number ofemployees and a wide client base. After noticing that there waslaxity amongst their employees with regard to punctuality and strictadherence to proper ethics of work in their firm, the management wasforced to put in place some measures to rectify the emerging levity.They introduced a biometric registration gadget that would requireevery employee to mandatorily attend to both at the reporting andexiting time. The gadget would take note of the users’ both entryand exit time and subsequently the number of working hours of eachemployee.

Theintroduction of the aforementioned measures elicited a mildresistance from the employees who argued that the management did nottake cognizant of the fact that they commute from different places.By introducing the devices and setting out a strict deadline to thereporting time, some of the employees would frequently get in the badbooks with the management. Despite the initial resistance, theintroduction of the biometric devices improved the discipline andconduct of the firm’s workers. To strike a balance with theemployers, the firm introduced an elaborate meal program in order tosecure the uniformity of reporting time.

TheRevans’ learning formulae L=P+ Qhas L standing for learning, P for programmed learning and Q forquestioning insight. Form the case study above, it can be interpretedthat the management applied the Revans’ model in its quest to finda solution for the declining conduct of its employees. Theconventional or documented knowledge and research of managing a firmentails drafting and enforcing a strict set of company rules andregulations. The firm took a step further and engaged in theinsightful interrogation of the causes of the problems incapacitatingits employees from adhering to the set rules. After recognizing thattheir employees were commuting from different locations, themanagement decided to stem out the excuse of long preparation hoursby introducing a meal program within its premises.

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