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Asper famous French anthropologist Levi-Strauss, Reid brought NorthwestCoast craftsmanship to the world scene, into dialogue with the entireof humankind. In this masterful history, Karen Duffek gives a recordof Bill Reid`s life and work and his role as the craftsman,innovator, and minister of Haida artistry. After describing theprocedures by which Reid came to remake the formal rules of a complexaesthetic custom, Duffek concentrates on his dominance of newmethods, especially in making adornments, systems which others nowcopy. In the key section &quotPast the Essential Form,&quot sheuses Reid`s particular classifications of his work as &quotcopies,adjustments, and investigations,&quot to give a candid appraisal ofhis masterful accomplishments – from gigantic shafts to gold boxes,from mind-boggling wristbands to the colossal bronze Killer whalestatue.

BillReid, ace craftsman, goldsmith, carver, author, and representativehas been broadly acclaimed as the critical constraint in therediscovery and re-blooming of the considerable artistry conventionsof the Indians of the Northwest Coast. As indicated by prominentFrench anthropologist Levi-Strauss, Reid conveyed Northwest Coastcraftsmanship to the world scene, into the exchange with the entireof man Lord. In this aesthetic biography, Karen Duffek gives a recordof Bill Reid`s life and work and his part as specialists, pioneer,and envoy of Haida craftsmanship. Bill Reid`s work has for some timebeen recognized for its sharp and expressive examination of Haidacustom, and for the oddity of making present day artistry from theold Haida stories. It made the purported renaissance of NorthwestCoast Native artistry unmistakable to all. Bill Reid shows thecompliment of developing his own unmistakable looked atself-investigation as he came to remain for Native craftsmanship andspecialists, more maybe than he would have wished.


Duffek,K., &amp Reid, W. (1986). BillReid: Beyond the Essential Form(No. 19). UBC Press.

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