Intercultural Communication

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Interculturalcommunication refers to the art and practice of sharing informationacross different cultures, political, and social as well as religiousgroups. It describes the various processes of communication and theproblems that affect the mutual and natural relationships within anorganization or any social context. It occurs among individuals fromdifferent religious, social, ethnic and educational backgrounds amongothers. Importantly, it should benotedthat the art of intercultural communication can often be usedsynonymously within a cross-culturalmode of communication. By this, it becomes increasingly possible foran organization’s various public to develop a detailedunderstanding of each other. That is ideally because the concept ofintercultural communication helps in determining how individualswithin an organization encode and decode messages from the topmanagement. It contributesto identifyingand determine the medium used in the communication process as well ashow the message isinterpreted.

Ina nutshell,intercultural communication focuses on building a clear andtransparent understanding of the different cultural, social andpolitical affiliation held by institution’s diverse publics. Itcan bearguedthat the concept of intercultural communication assists in fosteringthe efficientgrowth and development adequate, interpersonal and intrapersonalcommunication skills. The purpose of this essay is to provide readerswith a clear and comprehensive illustration of how the concept ofintercultural communication can build or destroy and organization. Ina bid to achieve this, the article will focus on a news story. Theauthor will be able to critically analyze the relevance of thestructural formation of an intercultural communication process withinan organization’s working system. That is, using the news storyselected the essay will determine the elements of biases,racism,and sexistsamong others.

Inthe story “TheUS can’t afford to forget its wars… or why it fights them,” byGayle Tzemach Lemmon, the writer provides readers with a detaileddemonstration of why Afghanistan is the pit stop for Americansoldiers. The article also explains why the fight in Afghanistan hasbeen going on for the past 15 years. The authors also highlightthe general effects the death of American soldiers on the battlefieldhave on the rest of their family members. It is evident that thearticle, “TheUS can’t afford to forget its wars… or why it fights them”focuses on the reason why the American government has continued toform the war in Afghanistan and why the country has become itsbattlefield.

GayleTzemach Lemmon begins by mentioning the death of another Americansoldier. A death that the stateconsiders as the third in Afghanistan since the year started.Americanbeing a super power,it can bearguedthat the reason why the writer emphasizes on the new death of anAmerican soldier as the third since the beginning of the year is toproject the United States is still on top of its game. The scholaralso highlights on how the deployment of more soldiers in Afghanistanhas fostered increased debate among political leaders such as HillaryClinton and Donald Trump.The move is other than the battle prowess and relevance of the UnitedStates. According to Lemmon (2016) presidential aspirants HillaryClinton and Donald Trumpamong other political leaders, are using the ongoing war inAfghanistan to woo their voters and stay relevant within theirpolitical domain.

Althoughthe article provides readers with a clear and detailed overview ofthe United States operation in Afghanistan, it can bearguedthat it exercises an increased sense of biases.That is because the writer only limits her focus on the processand progress of the United States Army.It also indicates the general effects the deployment of Americansoldiers toAfghanistan has on the life and well-beingof the soldier’s family members. In this line, it is evident thatpaper bearsno concern for the families of those caught in the military crossfirebetween the American army and the militia groups such as Al Qaeda andISIS. The aspect shows that the writer is only interestedinthe reason behind the fight and why the American government has vowedto continue deploying its soldiers to the battlefield created inAfghanistan. The author is more of biased in the sense that he doesnot clarify on various factors that led to the war and why the USgovernment seems more interested with the move.

Thewriter fails to identify the different social faces of the affectedparties in the warfare between the American army and the militiagroup. It can bearguedthat the writer failed to effectively make a clear distinctionbetween the faces of American soldiers injured during the war and theinnocent Afghanfamilies affected. Lemmon (2016) concentrates on highlighting thedeath of the newAmerican soldier since the year began as opposed to creating abattlefield balance. It isprimarily depictedin her story through the lack of social and interactional phenomenonbetween the American army and the Afghan society as a whole. Thestory on one side focuses on the recent death of an American soldier.The impact of the passing away of the American culture and howpresidential aspirants Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are using theincreased deployment of American troops to Afghanistan to not onlyfoster a political debate but also woo the public into electing themto the office.

Thewriter denies her readers with an opportunity to develop anindependent understanding of the ideal relationship between theAmerican and Afghanistan community. The act focuses on how the twocountries relate in the fight against terror. Other than this, it isalso evident inthe text that the writer takes pride in the fact that the Americanarmy has only lost three soldiers in the war against terror since theyear began. By this, it is open that Lemmon (2016) lacks a clearsense of objectivity in her sentence construction and word choice,which isonly alignedtowards offering praise to the American government. Author’sinterpersonal communication isonly subjectedto the general views of the American community. As a result of this,it can benotedthat the American culture only appreciatesand value the efforts of its kind (Lemmon, 2016). The backgrounddiscriminates against the non-natives American whether innocent ornot. In this case, the article has failed to incorporate the conceptof intercultural adaptation in ensuring the adequate communicationcompetence within the text.

Thewriter’s information lacks a clear sense of objectivity. Theconceptualized information provided does not ideally conform to theenvironmental need of the Afghanpopulation but that of the American society. The information biassupports the social, political and cultural existence of the UnitedStates. Although the author’s intention wasachievedthrough a global and diverse communicative distance, it displaysincreased elements of the interplayof deculturation.That is because the content of the text ischanneledto a single direction with a specificaudience.

Inconclusion, this essay has tried to provide readers with a clear andconclusive illustration of the concept of interculturalcommunication. In a bid to achieve this, the paper uses a newsarticle, “TheUS can’t afford to forget its wars… or why it fights them,”by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. Using the news story selected the essay hasdetermined the elements of biases,transparency,and objectivity. The articlehas accurately identified the various ways through which the conceptof intercultural communication has been used to establish the generalrelevance ofthe information provided by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. In all this, theessay has successfully enhanced the readers understanding andperception ofthe concept of intercultural communication. It has successfullyidentified and highlighted the different ways through which the newsstory has achieved its ideal purpose and as well as the ways inwhich it has failed. The writer has failed to effectively make aclear distinction between the faces of American soldiers injuredduring the war and the innocent Afghanfamilies affected. For example, by focusing on the military operationand death of a soldier in Afghanistan, the text lacks a clear senseof objectivity in her sentence construction and word choice is onlyaligned towards offering praise to the American government.


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