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Allthe employees who have access to computers while at work should abideby the rules provided in this policy as it gives guidance on how oneshould utilize the internet to ensure productivity in theorganization. Every employee must be aware that the internet accessis a privilege and not a right (Bruce, 2016). Hence, it should not bemisused. Any employee who violates the policies provided will receivea verbal warning, demotion, and continuous behavior will lead to jobtermination.

Theinternet should be used productively (Bruce, 2016). And should bemajorly utilized for job-related activities, unless otherwise stated.The device and technology used to access the internet are propertiesof the organization and the employer has the rights to monitor itsusage through different software that will help control its usage andhe/she or any supervisor is allowed to stop an employee wheneverhe/she sees him/her using it for personal matters like Facebook orsending emails during working hours. All the information that is sentvia the company email should not have offensive language (GFIsoftware, n.d.). Installation of any software that is not useful tothe organization is strictly not allowed.

TheInternet should only be used in an employee’s personal devices, andthis must be done only during break time (GFI software, n.d.). If anyemployee feels that he/she must utilize the company’s internet forpersonal reasons, he/she must inform their supervisor and indicatethe period that he/she needs it. The time must not exceed 30 minutes.

Therefore,all employees who have direct access to the company’s internetservices must not utilize it to give personal views as arepresentation of the whole organization, introduce malicioussoftware into the company’s network as it will put its security atrisk. Additionally, any information that is regarded as confidentialby the organization must not be shared.


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