Interpersonal Communication

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Nonverbalcommunication is the channel through which we are able to experienceother peoples’ emotions, feelings, and attitudes. It applies cuessuch as facial expressions, gestures, vocalizations, postures, eyegaze, and appearance. Nonverbal communication is the behavior andelements of speech apart from words that transmit meaning. Technologyhas made communication easier (Castells,2014).Even though technology has many advantages in communication, it hassome disadvantages too. These disadvantages are mainly ininterpersonal communication. Increased use of emails and textmessages has led to the inability of people to express their thoughtsand ideas to others face-to-face. This has reduced the nonverbalpower of individuals, as one cannot equate the message with theemotion in it for better understanding. There is also no eye contactbetween the communicators.

Posturecan be used to determine a person’s degree of attention, differentstatus between the communicators and the kind of connection thatexists between the communicators. Postures are displayed in variousforms that include towering, slouching, arms crossing and jaw thrust.Technology advancements have affected the use of posture negativelyas a way of nonverbal communication. Use of phones and emails incommunication limit the interaction of individuals where acommunicator can get feedback through various body positions of thelisteners.

Vocalizationis considered part of nonverbal communication. It involves tone,volume, and pitch of speech. Vocalization is useful in meetings andpersonal evaluations. Technology has brought about teleconferencingwhere one can communicate via online video and audio messages. Thisis a positive impact of technology because the receiver can interpretthe intonation of the speaker and understand the message well.

Goodand effective communication involves the use of both verbal andnonverbal elements. Technology has made communication fast andconvenient. Though we should embrace the technological advancementsin communication, I recommend that we should not do away with the oldforms of communication that prioritized the nonverbal elements.Research shows that the highest percentage of information is passedthrough nonverbal communication.


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