iPhone Public Policy Impact

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iPhonePublic Policy Impact

Itis imperative for Cook to choose the right to protect customers’digital privacy and security. As a CEO who strongly protects theethics and principles governing Apple, he is correct in declining thegovernment’s coercion in creating a “backdoor” to the iPhone.According to Jayakumar and Tahora (2016), such a “master key” asCook describes it, would be too dangerous in the wrong hands since itcould be used to access an iPhone in someone’s physical possession.Secondly, there is no guarantee that the software would only be usedin the given case. There is a high probability that governments coulduse the software over and over again to their convenience withoutcaring about the privacy of Apple’s clients.

Cookfaces an ethical dilemma in making his decision. As a good U.S.citizen, he has the moral obligation in assisting the government inprotecting the nation against terrorism. On the other hand, as theCEO of Apple he has the moral duty of remaining committed toprotecting customers` digital privacy. From my point of view, Cookshould weigh the importance of Customers` trust and loyalty againstnational security. Despite the fact that a nation`s security isimportant, for Apple as a commercial institution, customers` trustand loyalty are more important. However, unlocking the iPhone willonly help to access information of suspects thus, it will not playany role in inhibiting terrorism. If Cook chooses to help the FBI, hewould violate the ethical values and principles of Apple hence,become inconsistent with the basic morals and commitments of hiscompany. Unsanctioned access to the software might also occur, whichwould allow hackers or criminals to obtain information from acustomer illegally thus, to protect customers’ confidentiality andprivacy, it is fundamental to resists the government’s offer.Cook’s decision to refuse the coercion was the best choice not onlyto protect the company from similar pressure, but also to protectcustomers’ data, trust, and discretion.


JayakumarT. &amp Tahora S. (2016). Buildinga “backdoor” to the iPhone: an ethical dilemma.Ivey Publishing.

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