Jason Bobiak, Period 4

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JasonBobiak, Period 4

Reasonsto Vote for the Candidates

Votingprovides the opportunity for citizens of any country todemocratically elect their government. To ensure the election ofright candidates to office, people have to be literate and wise intheir selection. Americans are due to go to the polls on Novembereighth 2016. The major contenders for the white house includeDemocrats’ Hillary Clinton and Republicans’ Donald Trump.

Oneof the reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton is because of her stand oncampaign finance reform in which she proposes the need to curb theinfluence of the wealthy and well-connected on American politics(Hoffmanetal.6). There is the need to reform the financial sector of our politicalcampaigns and end the domination of wealthy interests on ourpolitical system. She proposes to push for legislation that willrequire openness and accountability with regards to politicalfinances.

Secondly,she has elaborated her plans on the issue of gun violence. Currently,America is faced with rising incidents of gun violence. A lot ofinnocent lives have been lost as a result of improper use of guns. Itis important we review the policies that concern gun ownership.Hillary has outlined a plan that will bring gun violence undercontrol. One of these is to strengthen background checks on potentialgun holders. This will be done in addition to reviewing the currentsystem to eliminate loopholes that might erode the screening process(Adams). Manufacturers and dealers will also be held accountable fornon-compliance. The plan focuses on restricting gun ownership amongnon-fit persons such as mentally ill, domestic abusers andterrorists.

Thethird reason to vote for her regards the Affordable Care Act, whichgives consumers control over their health care. One of thefundamental human rights is to gain access to an affordable healthcare. She has stated the need to uphold this act and drasticallyreduce out-of-pocket costs (Clinton2).Through her leadership, drug companies will be held accountable forthe rising costs of prescription drugs. This will facilitate moreresearch instead of contributing to higher costs. Access toreproductive health care for women will also be protected.

DonaldTrump represents the Republican side. One of the reasons to vote forhim is based on the issue of immigration. This is a pertinent issuein America even though there is no agreement on how it should beaddressed. An example is the Mexican border which has a high numberof illegal immigrants and it is also used as a route for sneakingdrugs into America. To secure the border, Trump plans to build a wallon the southern part to prevent illegal immigration and alsosafeguard the country from drug dealers targeting the US market.

Secondly,he embraces the ideology of capitalism. America was founded on theprinciples of capitalism. Individuals who pursue success in lifethrough establishing businesses and employing people need to berewarded instead of being slapped with excessive taxes. Donald Trumphas the capability to motivate young people to embrace capitalisminstead of working 9 to 5 jobs and still pay higher taxes.

Thirdly,Trump is an established businessperson hence he has an in-depthunderstanding of the economy and what is required to boost growth. Hehas focused his entire life on building his empire hence he has whatit takes to build the American economy (Rothfus). His plan for aprosperous nation is to focus on the growth of the middle classrather than established super wealthy individuals. It is one aspectthat will try to create equality in America.

Inconclusion, it is true that both candidates have their uniquestrengths and weaknesses. It is time for the American people to weighkeenly before making a choice.


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