Josephine Maalouf FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11/15/2016

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JosephineMaalouf FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11/15/2016


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RevivingHope Through Sustainable Housing

LadyLee Foundation and Verde Equipamentos improve the Hondurans’ livesby creating an Alliance for building sustainable homes.

SanPedro Sula, October 11th,2016- Today, Lady Lee Foundation and Verde Equipamentos formed analliance to bring hope back to San Pedro Sula. The city has had alongstanding repute of being one of the most unsafe cities in theglobe. High poverty levels, coupled with homelessness, typify thelarger section of the city. Desperation has driven the majority ofthe homeless youths into drugs and prostitution. However, through thesustainable housing initiative, gratification will be brought backinto the lives of the thousands of families that live in the city.

LeylaLopez, the director of Lady Lee Foundation, said, &quotI believethis program will not only solve a current social housing problem butwill set standards on how to address other current and future socialissues. Through this program, we not only offer jobs and homes forunderprivileged families but also teach them work ethics anddiscipline for an improved future and life. We extend an open andwelcoming invitation and hope you join us to celebrate the officiallaunch December 6thto begin improving lives.”

Thefollowing actions will be instituted to garner the desired momentum:

  • A housing program will be initiated by Lady Lee Foundation and Verde Equipamentos on December 6th. The two companies will pen the formal housing agreement, which is intended to offer the less privileged households the opportunity to own eco-friendly homes. This move will lead to the roofing of the thousands of homeless families that live in the area.

  • The houses will be free as long as the beneficiaries acquiesce to building more structures and take their newborns to school. The community will be furnished with the information that will enable it to understand the requirements of owning the eco-friendly houses. Essentially, all prospective homeowners will be required to send their youngsters to school and work on the future projects that the two companies will initiate in the region.

  • Ecological bricks and brick-building machines, purchased from Verde Equipmentos, will be used to put up the structures. The machines have been designed to utilize recyclable products to build the bricks. This technology will make the homes durable and, in the end, prove to society that anything is possible. The premise behind this move will be to give hope to the members of society since their lives have been gloom for an extended period.

  • The help of the local authorities will be sought to ensure that all activities run as smoothly as possible. The Mayor of San Pedro Sula, Armando Calidonio, promised that he would offer his help. A demonstration will also be held after the alliance is made official the guests will be treated to entertainment and snacks. Entry will be free, and all interested parties will be encouraged to attend the event.

Insum, Lady Lee Foundation and Verde Equipamentos intend to brightenthe lives of San Pedro Sula residents through the sustainable housingprogram. The natives of the city have been subjected to poor livingconditions for an extended period, and, thus, have succumbed toprostitution and drugs. The sustainable housing initiative isexpected to change this status quo by proving to the area`s residentsthat, through persistence and dedication, any dream can be brought tofruition.


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